Now what?
Ready to reinvent yourself? Here are first person accounts by others who’ve taken the plunge, plus weird jobs and wild career moves.
By Bob Davis and Ed Taylor
Vineyard culture
Southern Ontario’s wineries find new ways to celebrate their increasing prominence
By Fred Bacher
A glass half-full
The Park School gets a new leader.
By Maria Scrivani
Who (or what) will save Buffalo?
A candid look at the city’s would-be saviors.
By Ron Ehmke, Anna Hausmann,
Lou Petrucci, and Catherine Young

Inside the Art of Jazz at the Albright-Knox.
By Philip Nyhuis
Ten gems from a
treasury of visual riches.
By Bruce Adams
Curtain Up! and beyond.
By Darwin McPherson
Around the world in eighty ways (give or take a few dozen).
By Ron Ehmke
One guy’s must-sees
Still more fall fun for one and all.
By Chris Stucchio
7 artists you should know
Meet Dmitri Anastasopoulos, Lisa Hayes, Ani Hoover, Christina Miletti, Brian Nesline, Rena Reisman, and Patrick Robideau.
By Christina Abt, Ann Blask, Reine Hauser, Gwen Ito, Barry Muskat, and Melissa Sandor.

From Dublin to Buffalo and back.
By Jennifer Wettlaufer
Peter Johnson
A bard for South Buffalo.
By Brian Lampkin
Lucille Clifton
A poet returns to the city that knew her parents.
By Catherine Young
Aloha, indie writers
Independent authors and publishers gather in
Buffalo this fall.
By Katelyn Holden

Pearls in Toronto, an Emerald
Ball in the Statler, architectural
secrets in Allentown, a Dream of a cabaret, art in a barn, and a prize-winning teenaged pianist
By Bob Davis, Ron Ehmke, Katelyn Holden,
Stefanie Ickowski, and Elizabeth Licata
Special calendar of fall fests
and spooky stuff

Potomac fever hits the Niagara river
By The Guy on the Thirteenth Floor

Music: Looking back at
Thursdays at the Square
(and ahead to fall releases)
By Christopher Schobert
Music: Why American Idol is
good for American music
By Bruce Eaton

Great indoors:
A Victorian triumph on Ashland

By Barry Muskat
Health: Spree fitness watch
By Bruce Adams, Anna Hausmann, Philip Nyhuis, Maria Scrivani, and Margaret M. Toohey

Restaurant reviews:
Tantalus, Brodo, and Carrabba’s
By Alan J. Bedenko
Forget the medals, taste the wine

By Mark Criden
Kitchen stories:
Tony Nash, cook and artist
By Joe George
Foodies: Damn the carbs,
it’s time for french fries
By Vicki G. Marshall and Margaret M. Toohey
PLUS Keuka Lake wines,
odd grapes, pinot envy, etc.