Artisan Round-Up
Area artists and craftspeople with out-of-the-ordinary wares reveal why they make what they make— and where you can get it.
By Donna Evans, Lou Petrucci, Melissa Sandor, and Chris Stucchio.
Giving with Panache
Best gifts, worst gifts, and everything in-between.
By Bruce Eaton, Ron Ehmke, Reine Hauser, Kevin Hosey, Elizabeth Licata, Lou Petrucci, Kathryn Radeff, and Chris Stucchio.
Opting Out
Just say no to the ho-ho-ho.
By Julianna Jacoby-Patronski and Kathryn Radeff
Bringing Love and Dedication to the Table
Sister Celeste and her Southtowns refuge.
By Barry A. Muskat
When Good Holidays Go Bad
Two twisted looks at time-honored traditions.
By Lou Petrucci and Ed Taylor
Where to Serve
The run-down on community organizations that could really use your support this winter.
By Stefanie Ickowski

Designer Snowflakes and the Fashion of Fluff
Did you know that in the mountains they call it Termination Dust?
By Jennifer Wettlaufer
Icewine Express
A Canadian writer takes a train journey through his own past— and Ontario’s vinous present.
By Fred Bacher

Cool cards, heavenly churches, a brand-new paradigm for the Kootsie, and—why must there always be running?
By Ron Ehmke and Elizabeth Licata

Art review:
Cindy Sherman and Craft at BPAC
By Bruce Adams
Music: The new Tralf
By Chris Schobert
Music preview: Eric Starr
By Bruce Eaton
Art on view:
In the Workspace at CEPA
By Elizabeth Licata
Books: Small Mediums at Large
By Melissa Sandor
Art on view: Modigliani
By Elizabeth Licata
Architecture up close
By Dan Mica

Style: The decorating dilemma
By Donna Evans
Style: Joys of winter gardeing
By Elizabeth Licata
Style: The vanity wars
By "Ambrose" and "Faith"
Health: Spree fitness watch
By Bruce Adams

Restaurant reviews: Greek diners
By Alan J. Bedenko
Wine: Gifts for winos
By Mark Criden
Kitchen gifts:
For the cook who has everything
By Joe George
Foodies: Comfort with a capital "S"
By Vicki G. Marshall and Margaret M. Toohey
PLUS: A Foodie footnote, and even more suggestions for the winos.