Wolf Blitzer
He’s now the face of CNN news and one of the most respected anchors on TV—and he loves Bocce Pizza.
By Elizabeth Licata
State of the City: Commentary and analysis
on the Mayor’s annual report.

By Anna Hausmann
Women of Wine
These Canadian sommeliers are tops in their field—inspite of a history of gender bias.
By Fred Bacher

Renewing the Century House
The Junior League takes on a majestic three-unit mansion on Lincoln Parkway for its 2005 Show House. The joint needs a lot of work, but over forty Western New York designers claim they’re up for the task. And after two cycles of just covering the Show House, this year Buffalo Spree is jumping into the fray and creating—what else—a Reading Room.

By Barry Muskat and Elizabeth Licata
Kitchen Ambition

How to tame the biggest, most problematic room renovation you'll ever undertake. Three area families describe their recent kitchen ordeals, while a local chef explains how he works with a less-than-ideal inherited kitchen. Plus: sidebars on kitchen do’s and don'ts, lighting, and clutter.
By Maria Scrivani, Julianna
Jacoby-Patronski, and Lou Petrucci
Design TV Nation
As home decorating shows—and networks—take over an ever-growing chunk of the airwaves, our writers have different responses. Are they purely the products of the Evil One, or is there really something to be learned here?
Meanwhile, the scoop on Western New York’s own design TV show.
By Christina Abt, Catherine Berlin, Bruce Eaton, and Nancy J. Parisi
Meticulously handcrafted furniture by two Allentownartisans.
By Donna Evans
Plus: Top Ten Homes Sold in 2004, Design Do’s and Don’ts, The Dr. Phil of Home Design, an homage to IKEA, and design-oriented hostess gifts.

Disco Fever, TriMania, Hillary-Watch,

Sri Lanka Memories, and more
By Ann Blask, Ron Ehmke, and Elizabeth Licata

The Guy on the Thirteenth Floor’s Funniest
Moments in 2004 Politics

Art on View: Georgia O’Keeffe’s Desert Eden
By Elizabeth Licata
Art Preview: Michael Herbold
By Elizabeth Licata
Theater: World Premieres Aplenty
By Darwin McPherson
Music: Buffalo Misses Out on Big Concerts
By Christopher Schobert
Music: Jazz Women
By Philip Nyhuis
In the Studio: with Tom Holt
By Chris Stucchio
Literature: Nancy Reisman’s First Desire
By Melissa Sandor
Architecture Up Close
By Dan Mika with Chuck LaChiusa

Style: The Danger of Animal Prints
By Lou Petrucci
Style: The Vanity Wars

By “Ambrose” and “Faith”
Fitness Watch
By Bruce Adams
Gadget Planet
By William C. Altreuter and Catherine Berlin

Restaurant Reviews: Barbecue Joints

By Alan J. Bedenko
Wine: Wine Cellar Design

By Mark Criden
Kitchen Stories: Kitchens I’ve Seen
By Joe George
The Foodies: Hail Caesar!
By Vicki G. Marshall and Margaret M. Toohey
PLUS: California Rhones, a five-ingredient cookbook, National Peanut Month, and more.