Spree’s first in-depth salute to one of the region’s greatest assets: its popular music.

Tin Pan Alley: Get Happy
How Harold Arlen, Jack Yellen, and other artists of their day helped put Buffalo on the musical map.
By Chuck Mancuso
Jazz: It’s Never Too Late
Untangling the music’s complex connections to race and politics on a local level.

By Philip Nyhuis
Buffalo Rocks: The 60s
Hendrix, the Stones, Led Zep:
Buffalo saw them all, and more.
By Bruce Eaton
Buffalo Rocks: The 70s and 80s
One man’s recollections of the heyday of punk and new wave.
By Kevin J. Hosey
Buffalo Rocks: The Last 10 Years
Recent acts you probably know, plus a few you probably don’t—but should.
By Christopher Schobert
Club Culture
Behind the scenes at three of the best places to hear live music downtown.

By Pam Swarts with Ron Ehmke
Experimental Music: Can This Be Buffalo? (A Subterranean History)
From the BPO to Robot Rock, four decades of challenging yet fascinating sonic adventures.
By Craig Reynolds
Hip-Hop: Two Turntables
and a Business Loan

Fighting the stereotypes that surround the music they love, these artists are creating some of the most soul-stirring sounds in town.

By Joe Sweeney
Rockin’ with Robby and Louis
A local hero joins forces with the Albright-Knox for a night of art and rock.
By Elizabeth Licata
Plus: Photo spreads, family trees, profiles of eleven working (and retired) music makers, iPod love, metalhead rapture, going solo, clubs we miss, and lists galore.


Spree writers invite you to explore some
well-knownand not-so-well-known
attractions north of the border.
By Anna Hausmann, John Maggiore,
Barry Muskat,and Kathryn Radeff

Thomas the Tank, Switch On Buffalo,
DC’s SpyMuseum, Burchfield’s
Buckaroo Bash, and more

By Elizabeth Licata and Jennifer Wettlaufer

Buffalo Needs More Corruption!
By The Guy on the Thirteenth Floor

Style: Wandering through Walden
By Elizabeth Licata
Destinations: Beaver Hollow
By Elizabeth Licata
Style: Gadget Planet
By William C. Altreuter and Catherine Berlin
Style: Vanity Wars
By “Faith” and “Ambrose”
Health: Fitness Watch
By Bruce Adams

Restaurant Reviews:
Southern Ontario Dining
By Alan J. Bedenko
Wine: Music in the Vineyard
By Mark Criden
The Foodies: Worthy of the Name
By Vicki G. Marshall and Margaret M. Toohey
PLUS: Musicians’ wine, foodie recipes