It’s a Living:
A Day in the Life of a Bail Bondsman

Spree’s new series on unusual occupations is kicked
off with a profile of bail bondsman Mark Bonfante.
By Maria Scrivani


We figure there are about 77 days of summer if you end at Labor Day, so we found 77 ways to make the most of them, from hikes to free concerts to out-of-the-way museums to yard sales to lawn fêtes. And lots more. (Less than half of these activities would exhaust any normal human over the course of a summer.) Plus, a guide to bicycle essentials.Have fun!
By William C. Altreuter, Catherine Berlin, Ron Ehmke, Donna Evans, Sean Harrigan, Elizabeth Licata, Kathryn Radeff, Jay Pawlowski, Joe Sweeney, Jennifer Wettlaufer, and James Williams.


Fields of Glory
Chris Stucchio explains Gaelic football, Ed Cardoni passes on a baseball legacy to his daughter, Mike Keenan looks at local stadiums,
Terri Hilmey explains why local college hoops are hot, Jay Pawlowski writes on Performax hockey, Ron Montesano explores local golf course design, and Donna Evans talks to local Bass masters.
Bar and Grill
Mark Criden explains why real guys do drink wine,
and Devon Dams-O’Connor explores the holy trinity of the grill, while Donna Evans, Julianna Jacoby-Patronski, and Sean Harrigan take on another well-known trinity: bourbon, scotch and beer.
Extracurricular Activities
Lisa Brown and Devon Dams-O’Connor report on bars and bar sports, Christopher Schobert takes on the world of fantasy sports, Alberto Rey reflects on his love of fly fishing, Terri Hilmey pays tribute to volunteer firemen, Ron Ehmke explains that gay doesn’t always mean style maven, and Lou Petrucci—well, someone had to do it—delves into the murky depths of strip clubs and local politics.

You Oughta Make Pictures, What’s Doing in
Lewiston, Tours Aplenty, Blog-Surfing, Gre
enride, and More
By Sean Harrigan, Ron Ehmke,
and Elizabeth Licata

A Silly Season
By The Guy on the Thirteenth Floor

Preview: Extreme Abstraction
By Bruce Adams
In the Studio: William Cooper
By Chris Stucchio
Theater: Colloquial Theatre
By James Williams
Books: Federman/Nathan Previews
By Elizabeth Licata
Review: Beyond/In WNY
By Bruce Adams
Theater: Summer Preview
By Darwin McPherson
Theater: Shaw Festival Reviews
By Ron Ehmke
Niagara Movement/Harlem Book Fair
By Catherine Young
Architecture Up Close
By Dan Mika

Great Indoors: Spinning the Show House
By Barry A. Muskat and Elizabeth Licata
Gardening: Why I Love Miracle-Gro
By Elizabeth Licata
Vanity Wars
By “Faith” and “Ambrose”
Gadgets: You Can’t Have This
By William C. Altreuter and Catherine Berlin
Out on the Town: A Lucky Night
By Sue Ann Simonin and Hilary Banker

Restaurant Reviews: NY Style Pizza
By Alan J. Bedenko
Kitchen Stories: Onions and Garlic
By Mark Criden
The Foodies: Homage to the Soda Fountain
By Vicki G. Marshall and Margaret M. Toohey
Plus: Toronto markets, foodie recipes