Our quest for the perfect living environment can take us on new and strange paths. A rarified few devote themselves to amassing cutting-edge contemporary art collections—or equally fascinating compilations of historic local art. Some Western New Yorkers can’t resist the lure of living in an authentic fire house, despite the unique renovation dilemmas it can present. Still others would simply love to have a really nice bathroom. Whatever your home design ambition, it’s probably discussed in this issue, as Spree writers explore the world of color, accessories, children’s decor, bachelor design, architectural salvage, real feng shui, and more.
By Devon Dams-O’Connor, Jana Eisenberg, Donna Evans, Cynnie Gaasch, Melissa F. Hantman, Terri Parsell Hilmey, Gwen Ito, Lisa Kane, Brian Kantz, Barry A. Muskat, Phil Nyhuis, Nancy J. Parisi, Jay Pawlowski, and Maria Scrivani.

Historic religious art, flowers
for Hospice, Jung Society activities, and more.
By Bruce Eaton,
Ron Ehmke, Elizabeth
Licata, and Kia Wood

Extending Allen Street, applauding the Fruit Belt,
talking proud, and singing
the blue collar blues.
Plus, in Buffalo Days, a
unique pastime that’s
become a tradition.
By Bruce Eaton, Barry A.
Muskat, Lou Petrucci,
Chris Stucchio, Joe
Sweeney, and the Guy
on the 13th Floor

Theater preview:
Little Shop of Horrors

By Ron Ehmke

Visual art interview:
Joseph Whalen
By Elizabeth Licata
In the Studio: Val Dunne
By Chris Stucchio
Music: Wendell Rivera
By Phil Nyhuis
Theater: March preview
By Darwin McPherson
Architecture: A new
By Barry Muskat
Plus music and art previews: Charles Haupt, Peter Stephens, Endi Poskovic, Queen, Randy Newman, and more.

Gardening: Fantasy gardening
By Elizabeth Licata
Gadget Planet: Your home
with these
By Ron Montesano
Travel: A Golfer’s Paradise
By Ron Montesano
Vanity Wars
By “Faith” and “Ambrose”
Take two vitamin C, and...
By Bruce Adams

Where creativity reigns
By Alan Bedenko;
photos by Jim Bush
Wine: Holy underrated grapes!
By Mark Criden
Kitchen Stories:
Favorite asparagus recipes
By Joe George
The Foodies:
Dishiest dishes of WNY
By Vicki G. Marshall and
Margaret M. Toohey
Plus wine recs.

Painting by Argentinian artist
Guillermo Kuitca:
Untitled (Red Theater), 2002, as seen in the
home of a local collector.
Photo by Jim Bush.
Design by Chastity Taber.