Last month we gave you tons of advice and information on home decor; this month, we move outside. How can your personal landscape look as beautiful as possible? What are the components of a great outdoor room? How scary is pond ownership, really? Is gardening a substitute for a trip to the gym? Spree writers answer all these questions and many more in their discussions with garden experts throughout Western New York. In only a few weeks, we’ll all be out enjoying balmy spring weather; here are some great ways to combine that enjoyment with beautification of your home and your neighborhood.
By Bruce Adams, Catherine Berlin, Devon Dams-O’Connor, Donna Evans, Gwen Ito, Lisa Kane, Elizabeth Licata, Sara Baker Michalak,
and Sarah Quintal.

Religious relics, Dyngus
Day, Linwood tour of
homes, and more.
By Ron Ehmke, Elizabeth
Licata, Jessica Railly,
and Kia Wood

Moving the Naval and
Marine Corps building,
an interview with
Mayor Byron Brown
a puck’s eye view of the Sabres, and, in Buffalo Days, “lost-cause” buildings make a comeback.
By Barry A. Muskat,
Elizabeth Licata,
Christopher Schobert, and
the Guy on the 13th Floor

The Wright boathouse
By Barry A. Muskat
Visual art preview:
CEPA auction
By Elizabeth Licata
In the Studio: Catherine
Linder Spencer
By Chris Stucchio
Theater: April previews
By Elizabeth Licata
and Ron Ehmke

Buffalo rarities
By Lisa Kane and
Jay Pawlowski

Music: U2’s staying power
By Christopher Schobert
Plus a preview of Wolf Kahn’s paintings of Niagara Falls.

Style: A classy Buffalo wedding
By Terri Parsell Hilmey
Gadget Planet: Wedding bells
and whistles
By Catherine Berlin and
William Altreuter
Vanity Wars
By “Faith” and “Ambrose”

Restaurants: Rehearsal dinners
By Alan Bedenko;
photos by Jim Bush
Wine: Champagne wannabes
By Mark Criden
Kitchen Stories:
The art of the hors d’oeuvre
By Joe George
The Foodies:
A perfect foodie wedding
By Vicki G. Marshall and
Margaret M. Toohey
Plus a profile of Don Warfe, recipes, and wine recs.

Tropical banana plants flourish at the Buffalo and Erie County Botanical Gardens.

Photo by Jim Bush.
Design by Chastity Taber.