Law and motherhood
A look at how women lawyers cope with
the demands of family and profession.
By Chris Stucchio
The trial of the century
Forget O.J.; this is the one Buffalo
is still talking about.
By William C. Altreuter

Since 1967, Buffalo Spree has been publishing articles about Western New York’s distinguished built environment, but this is the first time we’ve devoted an entire issue to the subject. There’s so much to say that we’ve divided this special section into three parts: In Remembering the Past, Spree writers look at Buffalo’s early history, some of its earliest buildings—including those that have long been demolished—and the ones currently most in danger from the wrecking ball. In the essay "The Forgetting," we discuss the possible demolition of Richardson's Buffalo State Hospital. We also introduce you to Louise Bethune and look at the disappearing tradition of neon signage. In Celebrating Today’s Assets, we survey the triumphant restoration of the Darwin Martin complex, as well as Frank Lloyd Wright’s other WNY structures. Spree writers also explore treasures like One M&T Plaza, the houses of Linwood Avenue, and Temple Beth Zion; engage in a roundtable discussion with local architects; and wind up with a progress report on the Michigan Avenue Baptist Church. The third section, Looking to the Future, does just that—surveying new and recent construction, talking to younger architects, and exploring how older churches and schools can still be useful. Read about how the UB School of Architecture contributes to WNY, and find out how to build your own Wright house.
By Christopher Brown, Pamela Crowe, Ron Ehmke, Donna Evans, Camille Garcia, Reine Hauser, Kelly Hayes, Ed Healy, Terri Parsell Hilmey, Gwen Ito, Elizabeth Licata, Jennifer Wutz Lopes, Lauren Newkirk Maynard, Paul McDonnell, Gerald Mead, Barry A. Muskat, Phil Nyhuis, Jay Pawlowski, Lou Petrucci, Maria Scrivani, Joe Sweeney, Cynthia Van Ness, Jennifer Wettlaufer, and James Williams.

Trottin’ for the Knox, the
strange life of Nikola Tesla,
an Angola caboose, and more,
plus calendars for summer
festivals, architecture tours,
outdoor concert series, and
garden walks.
By Ron Ehmke, Kelly Miller,
Kristin Saetveit, and Miakka Natisse Wood

Free pandas for all
By the Guy on the 13th Floor
Talk radio turns to the left
By Christopher Schobert
An elegy for a strip mall
By Christopher Schobert
WNY’s archi-blogging scene
By Jennifer Wutz Lopez

WNY architects and
preservationists in front of H. H. Richardson’s Buffalo State Hospital, from l-r: Cynthia
Van Ness, Preservation Coalition; John Laping, Preservation Board; Robert Coles architect; Brad
Wales, architect; Karl Frizlen, architect; Tim Tielman,
Campaign for Buffalo; Catherine Faust, architect; Dennis Galucki, Landmark Society; Harvey Garrett, community activist; Lou Petrucci, city of Buffalo; Chris Brown, Allentown Association; Barry A. Muskat, Martin House and Preservation Board; Kelly
Hayes, architect.
Photo by Jim Bush. Art direction
by Chastity Taber. Special thanks
to Larry Nephew, Jennifer
Parsons, Shannon Hickman,
Sam Hoyt, and the Dormitory
Authority of the State of New York.

Theater review: Shaw, part one
By Ron Ehmke
Theater review: Lord of the Rings
By Joe Sweeney
On view: Fit for Indian royalty
By Miakka Natisse Wood
On view: Petah Coyne
By Bruce Adams
Music preview: BPO
at Artpark
By Joe Sweeney
Music: Setting the stage
By Catherine Berlin
Music profile: Babik
By Sarah Quintal
Plus: Infringement Festival
and Harlem Book Fair

Restaurants: West Side story
By Alan Bedenko;
photos by Jim Bush
Wine: Ontario blitz
By Mark Criden
Kitchen stories: Building flavors
By Joe George
Foodies: Asian adventures
By Vicki G. Marshall and
Margy M. Toohey
Plus: Taste of Buffalo and
Criden’s wine recs.