A For the first time, we’ve gathered a list of ten women who could be considered among WNY’s most influential, and asked them about their hopes and dreams for the region and how they plan to make them happen. We also asked some of the area’s top businesswomen for their success stories, including a group who are behind some of Elmwood’s hottest boutiques.

Over the past few decades the trajectory of success in the Elmwood Village neighborhood has gone nowhere but up as new businesses have flocked to the area and housing demand and values have remained consistently high. Let’s face it, this is our downtown shopping district, as well as a popular spot for families and cultural activity. In a series of interviews with key Elmwood players, Spree writers examine how this success story came to be and how it will continue to play a major rule in Buffalo’s future viability. We also present a series of vignettes—both visual and verbal—of Elmwood Village life. (For a survey of some of Elmwood’s businesswomen, see the WNY WOMEN section.)
It makes a village:
community activism at work

by Maria Scrivani
Images of Elmwood.
Photos by Jim Bush
The future: today’s successes, tomorrow’s trouble spots
by Jana Eisenberg

Sidebars by William C. Altreuter, Catherine Berlin, Ron Ehmke, Christopher Schobert, and Catherine Young.

10 of WNY’s most powerful women
by William C. Altreuter, Catherine Berlin, Anthony Chase, Camille P. Garcia, Gwen Ito, Lisa Kane, John Maggiore, and Joe Sweeney.
Taking care of business
by Anna Hausmann
Two women with a lot
under their hard hats

by Donna Evans
The women behind the storefronts
by Catherine Young

Artful science, Secrets of Allentown, Emerald Ball, Border cross purposes, and more.
By Ron Ehmke, Andrea Kibler,
Jeffrey Levine, Amanda Waas,
and Jennifer Wettlaufer

Visitors, Inspirational
and otherwise

By the Guy on the 13th Floor
Water, Water, Everywhere
By Lawrence M. Brooks
Hot Bloggin' Mamas
(and Daddies)

By Jennifer Wutz Lopez
Apocalypse Sunday:
Tailgating in Buffalo

By Christopher Schobert

Golf’s backbone in WNY

By Ronald S. Montesano
Gardening: Garden blogging
By Elizabeth Licata
Health: Hope chest
By Elizabeth Licata
Gadgets: You can’t have this
By William C. Altreuter
and Catherine Berlin

Vanity Wars
By “Faith” and “Ambrose”
Staying Alive:
I am the biggest loser
By Bruce Adams

by Jean-Pierre Thimot.
Art direction by Chastity Taber.

Fall arts preview:
visual arts, theater, music
By Bruce Eaton, Ron Ehmke,
Darwin McPherson, and
Christopher Schobert

Visual Arts: Destination-worthy
By Bruce Adams
Hooked on Symphonics:
The BPO Outdoes Itself

By Joe Sweeney
Alt Picks
By Ron Ehmke
Theater review: Shaw, Part II
By Ron Ehmke
In the studio: Heath Bartel
By Chris Stucchio
Arts profile: Joyce Stilson
By Dave Lukow
Arts profile: Drew Kahn
By Chris Stucchio
Arts profile: Charles Haupt
By Andrea Kibler
Arts profile: Anthony Bannon
By Lisa Kane

Elmwood eateries

By Alan Bedenko;
photos by Jim Bush

Wine: Mystery dance
By Mark Criden
Kitchen stories: Oktoberfest
By Joe George
Elmwood smorgasbord
By Vicki G. Marshall and
Margy M. Toohey

Plus: Elmwood kitchen tour,
vegetarian top ten, Table-icious
and more.