Having big fun in Western New York doesn’t have to cost you big bucks. There’s bargain shopping, of course, and we show you where to find cut-rate clothing, books, CDs, antiques, and more—even the dollar stores worth investigating. We also let you in on inexpensive local family outings, dining spots, cheap seats, and fun day trips that won’t bust your travel budget. Taxes are another story, but our writers prove that WNY is eminently affordable in just about every other way you can imagine.
by Donna Evans-Deyermond, Camille Garcia, Elizabeth Licata, Sara Baker Michalek, Nancy J. Parisi,
and Christopher Schobert.

Kid-friendly outings.
By Jennifer Wutz-Lopes
Dining around the world...without leaving WNY.
by Sarah Quintal
The church of beautiful useful things:
True stories & hot tips
by Ron Ehmke

As the weather gets colder, the thought of being enveloped in warm, soothing, and beneficial spa treatments becomes more and more inviting. Since the craze began around ten years ago, local spa options continue to grow and flourish both in the Buffalo area and in Southern Ontario. It’s hard to keep track of all the offerings now available, but our writers have tried their best in this special feature section.

Getting detailed:
a survey of twelve spa treatments.

By Catherine Berlin
More than just pampering: A spa that rejuvenates the soul.
by Robyn Parets
Will you have that massage to go?
by Donna Evans-Deyermond

Plus sidebars on Mirbeau, spa-ing as a way of life, and the beauties of massage by Bruce Eaton, Maria Scrivani, and Terri Parsell Hilmey. Also, meet our spa cover girl: fitness professional and mother of five, Ann Argy.

Steely beauties, cool
calendars, Links, Falletta at Kanazawa, and more.
By Ron Ehmke, Jeffrey Levine,
Elizabeth Licata, and
Nancy J. Parisi.

WNY politics
By the Guy on the 13th Floor

If only...
By Barry A. Muskat

Blog cabin
By Jennifer Wutz-Lopes
Sabres logo-otomy
By Bruce Eaton
Nothing stops the trot
By William C. Altreuter

Design: Cruising the Midway
By Barry A. Muskat
Style: Holiday glamour
By Vicki G. Marshall
and Margeret M. Toohey

Community Service: Gilda’s Club
By Trish Pantano
Community Service: Respite
for families in wartime
By Joseph Sorrentino
Vanity Wars
By “Faith” and “Ambrose”
Staying Alive: A brownie a day
By Bruce Adams

The Fourth Wise Man
By Anthony Chase
Theater profile: Torn Space
By Heather Violanti
Arts scene: WNY awards

By Gerald Mead
Visual arts: BPAC at forty
By Bruce Adams
Visual arts: UGR center
By Bruce Adams
A magnificent renovation
By Christopher Brown

Two in Williamsville
By Alan Bedenko;
photos by Jim Bush

Wine: Tasting Cayuga
By Mark Criden
Kitchen stories: Yogurt
By Joe George
A Lackawanna find
By Vicki G. Marshall and
Margy M. Toohey

Foodies profile, recipes, a new Muse, and more.

Ann Argy photographed at the 100 Fountain Spa, Vintage Hotels in Ontario by Jim Bush.
Art direction by Chastity Taber.