Spree’s annual home design issue is enough to make you want to trash your abode, and start from scratch. That’s what this issue is all about: inspiration. Maybe you’ll be inspired to turn your home into a mecca for green living. Maybe eleven-foot loft ceilings will enlarge your horizons. Or perhaps you’ll realize that your once-fabulous kitchen just doesn’t excite you like it used to. Even if full-scale living changes are not on the horizon, there is still plenty here for the armchair contractor to enjoy, from in-depth looks at architectural renovation to a tantalizing glimpse of downtown lofts—plus, a preview of this year’s Show House. There’s even an interview with the JunkMarket Girls. It’s a home design feast, so dig right in.
By Catherine Berlin, Jana Eisenberg,
Donna Evans-Deyermond, Reine Hauser,
Elizabeth Licata, Terri Parsell Hilmey,
Lou Petrucci, Sarah Quintal, Lauren Rozanski, Maria Scrivani, and Joe Sweeney

Beyond square footage
by Anthony Chase
An architect's loft
by Barry A. Muskat
A tale of three kitchens
by Philip Nyhuis
Showhouse 2007
by Barry A. Muskat

Paradise at the Botanical Gardens, St. Patrick Joseph Dyngus Day, Irish dancers, Scrabble-Off,
anda Bee birthday.
By Ron Ehmke, Philip Nyhuis, and Christopher Schobert.

County executive candidates,
the Oishei Foundation,
March Madness, and a
farewell to the Park Lane.
Meet your candidates:
The Race to Succeed Joel is on!
By the Guy on the 13th Floor

Robert Gioia and
the Oishei Foundation:
Catalysts for change in WNY
By Lisa Kane

Loving the madness
By Christopher Schobert
Last days of the Park Lane
By Elizabeth Licata

Profile: Gary Weber
By Jana Eisenberg
By Catherine Berlin
Gadget Planet
By William C. Altreuter
and Catherine Berlin

Blog Cabin
By Jennifer Wutz-Lopes
Vanity Wars
By “Faith” and “Ambrose”
Staying Alive
By Bruce Adams
By William C. Altreuter
and Catherine Berlin

Art preview: Annette Cravens
By Nancy J. Parisi
Arts issues: Albright-Knox
By Bruce Adams
Art preview: Treasury of Peru
By Elizabeth Licata
Arts profile: Greg Kuppinger
By Jeff Pearlman
Theater: An Irish March
By Darwin McPherson
Music: Sloan
By Christopher Schobert
Goodbye, Home of the Hits
By Bruce Eaton
Architecture up close
By Dan Mika; consultant:
Chuck LaChiusa

Pat Oleszko
By Ron Ehmke
Plus Tom Toles, the Beatles’ Love, and James Brown

Reviews of Kuni’s and the Somali Star, a salute to Nick’s Place, the debut of Spree’s pubcrawl, contributions from longtime columnists Mark Criden and the Foodies, and more.
By Jana Eisenberg,
Joe George, Vicki G. Marshall,
and Margaret M. Toohey.
Kuni's to go
By Alan Bedenko

Spree's pubcrawl

By Lisa Brown & Ron Ehmke

Wine Talk

By Mark Criden

Buffalo architect Mehrdad Hadighi, chair of the U.B. School
of Architecture, designed this extension for a suburban home outside Rochester.
Photo by Jim Bush.
Art direction by Chastity Taber.