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How do you choose the area’s best restaurants? First, you think about what makes a place uniquely Western New York. Then, you toss out all borders separating high and low cuisine—hot dogs and filet are both welcome here. Next, you put together a crack team of panelists, and let the arguments fly. This section offers the top places to bring out-of-towners, local favorites, profiles of local chefs and restaurateurs, history, and more. Let them eat wings ... and ribs ... and ravioli ...
By Mark Criden, Ron Ehmke, Donna Evans-Deyermond, Joe George, Reine Hauser, Gwen Ito, Jessica Keltz, Lynn Lasota, Jeffrey Levine, Elizabeth Licata, Lauren Newkirk Maynard, Nancy J. Parisi, Sarah Quintal, Lauren Rozanski, Maria Scrivani, Joe Sweeney, Heather Violanti, and Catherine Young.

The 27 best restaurants
By Ron Ehmke, Elizabeth Licata,
and Joe Sweeney.

It’s almost garden time, and Spree’s got you covered with tips, tweaks, profiles, and the answer to the question, “What’s wrong with grass?”

Taking root
By Ron Ehmke
Before you dig, read these
By Elizabeth Licata
Less lawn & loving it
By Sara Baker Michalak
Helping communities take root
By Lisa Kane
10 easy tweaks
By Donna Evans-Deyermond
Hellstrips: the unforgiving areas
of the garden

By Cynnie Gaasch
What exactly is a landscape designer?
By Terri Parsell Hilmey

The Elmwood Science Spot,
Buffalo Zoo fundraising,
a festival for young writers,
Earth Day at Reinstein
Woods, and more.
By Anna Gossin,
Maria Scrivani, and
Jennifer Wettlaufer.


Friends in high places, the Elmwood hotel, the Buehl
Block, blog report,
and BoomDays 2007.
WNY Politics
By the Guy on the 13th Floor
The Day the Hotel Died
By Barry Muskat
The Buehl Block is Alive
By Barry Muskat
Ice Boom, Baby
By Christopher Schobert
Buffalo's Blog Party
By Jennifer Wutz-Lopes

Style: Fashion Week report
By William C. Altreuter
and Catherine Berlin

Blog Cabin
By Jennifer Wutz-Lopes
Wheels: The North American International Auto Show
By Alan J. Bedenko
Plus and a new outlook for Saturn

Theater preview: Spamalot
By Joe Sweeney
Preview: Buffalo Movie
By Jana Eisenberg
Preview: Rainbow Journey
By Ron Ehmke
Remembering Duke Ellington
By Phil Nyhuis
Preview: Configuration Dance
By Manya Fabiniak
Carolee Schneeman at CEPA
By Elizabeth Licata
Profile: Jack Hunter
By Christopher Schobert
Plus April concerts and Mark Street on the waterfront

A review of Bistro Europa, a
pubcrawl in Cheektowaga, classy goings-on in April, wines
for Buffalo cuisine (continued), loving beets, and bargain dining
at the Sterling Place Tavern.
By Alan Bedenko, Lisa Brown,
Ron Ehmke, Jana Eisenberg,
Vicki G. Marshall, and
Margaret M. Toohey.

Wines for Buffalo cuisine

By Mark Criden

Frou frou cake from Ristorante Lombardo. This genoise cake, filled with white chocolate mousse garnished with white chocolate, is prepared by Donna Lombardo with the help of her restaurant staff.
Photo by Jim Bush.