For May/June, Spree takes a closer look at the almighty dollar, and it looks like Pink Floyd, Joel Grey, and the Beatles were right—it’s a gas, it makes the world go ’round, and it’s what I (and you) want. It’s also what everyone is curious about. What does a local university professor make, or a doctor, or a “fool?” How about the Buffalo Bills? For those curious to see how life in the Queen City compares to, say, Phoenix, there are cost-of-living comparisons between Buffalo and several other cities. Plus, Bass Pro—is it worth the money?
By Larry Brooks, Donna Evans-Deyermond, Allissa Kline, Erin Nappe, Jeffrey Levine, Terri Parsell Hilmey,
and Maria Scrivani

Shopping with the pros
By Ron Ehmke
The old south vs. the old north
By Reine Hauser
Blowing his pipes
By Christopher Schobert

East Aurora has long been one of Western New York’s most artistic and historic communities. From the legendary Roycroft to the quaint shops, restaurants, and coffeehouses that line Main Street, it’s a great place to visit, and you might just want to live there.
By Elizabeth Licata

PaleoJoe, portraits of love,
local music on TV, Buffalo
River Fest, and more.
By Ron Ehmke, Anna Gossin,
Miakka Natisse Wood,
Christopher Schobert,
and Erica Schrimmel.

Springtime for politics,
the Kleinhans community,, Peg
Overdorf, and more.
Lily of the Valley
By Larry Brooks

Something old, something new
By Jana Eisenberg
By Christopher Schobert

Spring round-up
By Jennifer Wutz-Lopes
On a clear day
By the Guy on the 13th Floor

Show House preview

By Barry A. Muskat
Woven fashions

By Catherine Berlin

By Ronald S. Montesano
The Gow School

By Anna Hausmann
Gadget Planet

By William C. Altreuter
and Catherine Berlin


By Alan J. Bedenko

By Catherine Berlin
Blog Cabin

By Jennifer Wutz-Lopes
Vanity Wars

By “Ambrose” and “Faith”

Visual arts preview:
Corning Museum of Glass
By Elizabeth Licata
Preview: Luminato Festival
By Christopher Schobert
Antiquities at the
Museum of Science
By Bruce Adams
Rogovin at CAM
By Bruce Adams
Theater preview: Shaw Fest
By Heather J. Violanti
Theater: Final productions
By Darwin McPherson
Poetry: Ethan Paquin
By Elizabeth Licata
Music essay:
Jay-Z meets the Beatles
By Joe Sweeney
Interview: Gregg Sansone
By Tom Waters
Plus Artists & Models,
the Headers, and internet radio

Three reviews, happenings on Hertel, bargain dining at Uncle Joe’s Diner, investing in wine, a look at saffron, a Lockport pubcrawl, fun fundraisers, and a toast to Captain America.
By Alan J. Bedenko, Lisa Brown,
Ron Ehmke, Joe George, Vicki G. Marshall, Margaret M. Toohey.
and Christopher Schobert

Wine Talk

By Mark Criden
A true tasting menu
comes to Allentown

By Jessica Keltz

A 2005-dated American
bison nickel, recognizing
the wildlife encountered
by Lewis and Clark.

Art direction by Chastity Taber.