The home/workspace of architect Mehrdad Hadighi, featuring a guestroom module that can be rolled one way—to disappear—or another, to offer increased space.
Photo by kc kratt.
Cover design by Chastity Taber.

Does one style really fit all? Certainly not when it comes to the home and work spaces of WNY, and not when it comes to our annual home design issue, either. Prepare your mind for a maelstrom of art deco and Victorian, media rooms and Gothic church art, old and new. One of the themes of this year’s issue is spaces where one can both live and work; not a messy basement office, but spaces that are both functional and comfortable. Bruce Adams looks at Artspace, one such example, along with other artists’ lofts. Marti Gorman tells Jana Eisenberg about her home office, while Maria Scrivani visits architect Merhdad Hadighi’s Elmwood Village workspace. There are also offices gorgeous enough to live in, such as the Larkin at Exchange Building and Hodgson Russ’s lovingly restored space at Buffalo’s Guaranty Building. While they are thinking big, others—like architect Duo Dickinson—are thinking smaller. It’s all about making spaces work for what one needs, and wants. So take a look, and make these ideas work for you.
By Bruce Adams, Larry Brooks, Mark Ciemcioch, Ron Ehmke, Jana Eisenberg, Donna Evans-Deyermond, Reine Hauser, Donna Kahwaty, Gerald Mead, Philip Nyhuis, Nancy J. Parisi, Meg Walker, and Julie Wesolowski.

Preserving the Invisible: an architect’s residence in Elmwood Village
By Maria Scrivani
A breath of fresh air:
Larkin at Exchange

By Barry A. Muskat
Hodgson Russ brings the Guaranty Building back to life
By Barry A. Muskat

Q&A: Michael Gainer, Buffalo ReUse
By Peter Koch
The Hot 5: An opinionated to-do list for lions and lambs alike
By Ron Ehmke
Sports Town: The unforgettable fire of Irish sports
By Christopher Schobert
WNY Blogosphere: Stalking and updating
By Jennifer Wutz-Lopes
Cool Stuff: Gems and jaws: a nature store with bite
By Jennifer Wettlaufer
Spree Insider: Botanical bonanzas
By Eliza Northwood

Visual Art: WNY’s ever-more fabulous art world
By Elizabeth Licata
Music: Traditional Irish is in session
By Peter Koch
Theater: All in the family
By Darwin McPherson
Theater Profile: Stephen Henderson
By Jana Eisenberg
Plus: Darwin McPherson combs through Hair at Buffalo State.

Style: Home and abroad
By Catherine Berlin
Garden: Canada Blooms
By Elizabeth Licata
Gadget Planet
By William C. Altreuter and Catherine Berlin
Day Trip: Tioga County
By Mike Keenan
Skin counsel: How to glow
By Catherine Berlin
Blog Cabin: Winter blogging
By Jennifer Wutz-Lopes

Reviews of DiGiulio & Co., Snooty Fox, Bel Cibo, and Duo; hot saké; White Cow yogurt; March charity parties and events; the Foodies meet Paul LaMorticella; a Southtowns pub crawl; and our monthly Dining Guide.
By Alan Bedenko, Lisa Brown, Mark Criden, Ron Ehmke, Reine Hauser, Terri Parsell Hilmey, Jessica Keltz, and Kevin Purdy.

Second Helpings: DiGiulio & Co.
By Kevin Purdy
Wine: The hottest saké
By Mark Criden
Pubcrawl: The Southtowns
By Lisa Brown and Ron Ehmke

Editor’s letter, deadlines
Letters to the editor
Dining guide
Shopping Spree
Cultural listings
Index of advertisers
Who was there
Bflo Days:
The Broadway Market
By Christopher Schobert