It’s 2008; do you know where your food
is coming from? Buying local in WNY

By Donna Hoke Kahwaty;
photos by kc kratt

Green dreams: for these West Side teens,
personal growth blooms year round

By Lauren Newkirk Maynard;
photos by kc kratt

New home, tried and true ideas
Story and photos by Nancy J. Parisi
Putting Buffalo first
By Cynnie Gaasch
Profit & planet: Buffalo finds
eco-friendly ways of doing business

By Lauren Newkirk Maynard
Ruth Goldman: it’s a lifestyle
By Donna Hoke Kahwaty
Go native: 9 plants for WNY
By Elizabeth Licata
Want to save the planet? Kill your lawn
By Elizabeth Licata
Making the greens greener
Story and images by
Ronald S. Montesano

Down in the dumps: In WNY, hazardous waste problems lie just beneath the surface
By Joe Sweeney
Sustainable beauty
By Catherine Berlin
Preening green
By Catherine Berlin

The acronym LEED means Leadership in Energy
and Environmental Design. This term is used when referring to green construction.
Cover design by Chastity Taber.

“Going green” is something we’ve all heard about, but what does that actually mean? How does one do it? And what difference does it make? Prepare for answers to all of these questions and more as Spree explores a range of sustainable living options in the region. Jana Eisenberg takes us on a tour of landmarks, offices, and homes in WNY that take advantage of renewable energy sources. Joe George tells of his love of bike-riding, one of the simplest and most enjoyable acts of eco-consciousness. Joe Sweeney investigates the problem of hazardous waste in the area’s soil. And Catherine Berlin shows us that environmentally friendly clothing need not be style-free. There are profiles of those leading the way locally, including Walter Simpson, teenager Jud Heussler, and Eric Glose, whose Volkswagen runs on vegetable oil. Feeling inspired yet? Then use some of these ideas to go green at work, at home, and at play.

Building green throughout the region
By Barry A. Muskat
UB’s Creekside Village Community Center: a study in energy efficiency
By Donna Evans-Deyermond;
photo by kc kratt

A garden runs through it
By Meg Walker; photos by kc kratt
A house that lives, breathes,
and saves energy

By Donna Evans-Deyermond;
photos by kc kratt

A green tour of WNY
By Jana Eisenberg
Committed to conservation
By Jana Eisenberg; photo by kc kratt
Straw bale living in East Aurora
By Jennifer Wettlaufer;
photos by kc kratt

My victory gardens
By Joe George
Vegging out
By Kelly Hayes McAlonie
The goodness of bikes
By Joe George
Buffalo Blue Bicycle’s founder Justin Booth on getting to work and living greener
By Lisa Kane
Greening a grand old city home
By Larry Brooks; photos by kc kratt
Lessons in going green
By Maria Scrivani
Building green: an overview of sustainable design and the LEED
rating system

By Roxanne Button
The green team
By Catherine Berlin
Winds of change
By Johanna Marmon
Organic riches in a house of straw
Story and images by Meg Knowles

Q&A: Paul Dyster, New leadership for Niagara Falls
By Elizabeth Licata
The Hot 5: An opinionated to-do list to get you through this month’s
showers for next month’s flowers

By Ron Ehmke
Kevin Everett walks on
By Christopher Schobert
Cool Stuff: Good swordsmanship
By Bruce Adams, photos by kc kratt

Visual Art: A color remix at the Knox
By Bruce Adams
Art Preview: The CEPA auction is ready for bids
By Elizabeth Licata
Theater: Puppets for grownups in Avenue Q
By Mark Ciemcioch
Music: The BPO remembers April
By Jeffrey Levine
Visual Art: The beauty of Bilbao
By Alberto Rey
Visual Art: Auerbach after dark
By Gerald Mead
Plus: Nikki Giovanni leads a celebration, and a Defiant collaboration at Kleinhans.

Reviews of Campieri’s 888 Main and Melting Pot, the debut of a new column from chef Mike Adrzejweski, Mark Criden on absinthe and green wines, the month in galas, and the Foodies debate how, exactly, one defines a food critic.
By Mike Adrzejweski, Terri Parsell Hilmey, Jessica Keltz, and Jennifer Wutz-Lopes.

Wine: Absinthe makes the
heart grow fonder

By Mark Criden

Editor’s letter, deadlines
Dining guide
Shopping Spree
Cultural listings
Index of advertisers
Who was there
Bflo Days

By Ron Ehmke