This cottage and guesthouse on Parry Sound in Georgian Bay (as well as part of the island it’s on) is owned by a Western New York family.
Photo by Stewart Rothman.
Photo retouching by Joshua Flanigan.
Cover design by Chastity Taber.

Say it loud: in Western New York, we like to get out, and we’re proud. When May rolls around, we shift into spring-summer mode, heading to cottages, attending reenactments, fly fishing, golfing, and, of course, eating and drinking. This month, Spree’s writers tell us about some of the things that make being outdoors so special to them, and also investigate a few new ideas. You’ll see words like Kubb, wiffle, Mizuno, Valderamma, Pollywogg, and even Flying Pig. There are special sections on outdoor music (not just Thursday at the Square), scenic overnights, sports, and some nearby “secret” spots. There’s even a look at the historic mills of the Niagara Escarpment. So pull out your shorts, lace your sneakers, dust off your sunglasses, and liberally apply sunscreen. It’s just about summertime, and the living is easier.
By William C. Altreuter, John Bacher, Alan Bedenko, Catherine Berlin, Tony Billoni, Bruce Eaton, Ron Ehmke, Donna Evans-Deyermond, Joe George, Donna Hoke Kahwaty, Jessica Keltz, Meg Knowles, Vicki G. Marshall, Ronald S. Montesano, Barry A. Muskat, Nancy J. Parisi, Terri Parsell Hilmey, Courtney Pellett, Kevin Purdy, Alberto Rey, Christopher Schobert, Joe Sweeney, Margaret M. Toohey, and Meg Walker.

Dining en plein air:
A lake-to-lake sampling

By Joe George, Jessica Keltz, Vicki G. Marshall, Kevin Purdy, Christopher Schobert, and Margaret M. Toohey
Sentinels of hope:
Mills of the Niagara Escarpment

By John Bacher

Q&A: Donny Kutzbach, Funtime Presents
By Christopher Schobert
Sports Town: I know it’s over: Saying goodbye to the Bills
By Christopher Schobert
The Hot 5: An opinionated to-do list
By Ron Ehmke
Slice of WNY: Amherst Street between Elmwood and Military
By Lisa Kane

Music: Meet London vs. New York and Johnny Nobody
By Christopher Schobert
Music Preview: The heart and soul of André Thomas
By Lauren Newkirk Maynard
Music: Mike Hudson’s Pagan diary
By Christopher Schobert
Theater: As the curtain falls
By Darwin McPherson
Visual Art: John Yerger’s triumphs
By Manya Fabiniak
Plus: Neglia Ballet’s Romeo and Juliet.

Garden: Summer bulbs
By Elizabeth Licata
Gadget Planet: Cat fancies
By William C. Altreuter and Catherine Berlin
Garden: The Garden Primer
By Elizabeth Licata
Garden: A compost gossip column
By Ron Ehmke
Garden: Planting Stories: Upstate Gardeners' Journal
By Ron Ehmke
Blog Cabin: Celeb blogs
By Jennifer Wutz-Lopes
Vanity Wars
By "Ambrose" and "Faith"

Reviews of Chop Chop and Lombardo’s; the Jennifer Aniston of wine, a.k.a. Pinot Grigio; the meal assembly industry comes to WNY; the Foodies on a wing quest; Mike A. ponders what it takes to be a chef; a Hertel pubcrawl; and the month in galas and black-tie affairs.
By Mike Andrzejweski, Alan Bedenko, Lisa Brown, Mark Criden, Ron Ehmke, Jessica Keltz, Vicki G. Marshall, Terri Parsell Hilmey, Kevin Purdy, and Margaret M. Toohey.

Take One:
Real value at Lombardo’s

By Alan Bedenko
Pinot Grigio will be there for you

By Mark Criden

Editor’s letter, deadlines
Dining guide
Shopping Spree
Cultural listings
Index of advertisers
Who was there
Bflo Days

By Maria Scrivani