Twittering—the new blogging?
By Jennifer Wutz-Lopes

I have to admit that I haven’t been reading as many blogs as usual over the last several weeks. I have a new-found addiction: Twitter. Twitter is a social-network service; it lets users post updates about themselves via the web or text messages for free. Consider it a mini-blog. You can “tweet” (update your status) with up to 140 characters from anywhere, and your followers can instantaneously see what you’re up to. Nowadays, I know real-time if my friend in LA is stuck in traffic, and what my sister in NY is having for lunch. There are a ton of Western New Yorkers who twitter AND blog. Check them out, below:

• Jennifer (Twitter name: allthingsjen) updates twitter no matter what her mood—happy, sad, in-between, or drunk. It’s all out there for the world to read, usually with several exclamation points attached!!! Jen also blogs at

• Kevin (Twitter name: brainopera) recently twittered about a tower of raw clams in Boston. Oh, my aching stomach. Kevin’s blog is

• Jason (Twitter name: endonend) talks about his daughter Lucy and tacos on twitter and his blog,

• Alan (Twitter name: buffalopundit) recently made me jealous because he kept sending updates about being in Florida, and how nice the weather was. Not fair. When he’s not in Florida or running for office, Alan also blogs at

• JP (Twitter name: wiredgonzo) is a firefighter and EMT and tweets about weekends at the firehouse and spending time outdoors. His blog is at

• Chris (Twitter name: buffalogeek) is a husband, dad, and CEO. He’s awesome! He tweets a lot about food—pizza, bagels, and peanut butter cups. The Geek blogs and runs the show over at

• Jim (Twitter name: jmilles) is a law librarian and podcaster. He also has a cute cat. Jim once twittered about twenty times in the span of twenty minutes, and I subsequently had to turn off my text messaging for the rest of the month. Jim’s blog is at

• Erin (Twitter name: eringoblog) is almost ready to get married. I fully expect tweets from the church and reception in July. Her blog is at

Jennifer Wutz-Lopes updates Twitter at least a few times a day, usually about being stuck in line at the airport or stuck in a boring meeting. Her twitter username is Jen14221.


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