Spree makes Buffalo look great!” I hear these words or a close variation of them on a regular basis, along with a lot of other nice, complimentary things. In fact, someone once asked me whether we ever received letters to the editor, or ran them if we did, and the answer is we do, but often if the letter is just a few words of praise, we do not publish it, simply sending a personal thank-you to the letter writer. We don’t want to seem like we’re always patting ourselves on the back.

If a letter is somewhat more critical, as the letters we’re running this issue are, then we always try to publish at least a part of it, and answer the writer’s concerns if that seems appropriate or necessary.

So, is it true that Spree makes Buffalo look great, as our correspondents say? Yes, we do try to show Western New York at its best, we enjoy doing it, and we think it’s needed. Is it true that Spree only publishes positive news about Buffalo? No. We also try to be truthful in our articles. Our restaurant reviewers usually don’t love every single thing about their meal—who does? When it’s necessary to include some hard facts about Buffalo’s economy or social problems in a story, we include them. When our jazz expert says that Western New York does not have a truly first-class jazz festival, we print that, just as we print our wine writer’s honest criticisms of an offering from a nearby winery. Just as everyone must in this life, we accept the good with the bad, even if we do try to celebrate the good much more than we complain about the bad.

Buffalo Spree is a city/regional magazine that adheres the journalistic standards of the American Association of Magazine Editors, as well as other organizations to which we belong. We are not a promotional publication. Having said that, I can also say that we’ll continue to err, if that is erring, on the side of the positive, because that suits our mission best: to help you, our readers, enjoy life in Western New York to its fullest.


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