When you receive this issue, Buffalo Spree Publishing, Inc. will be located in a new headquarters, at 100 Corporate Parkway in Amherst. We’ve loved our Sheridan Drive offices but needed to expand for various business reasons.

I mention this not because the move will make much of a difference to readers—it won’t—but because over the process of looking for a new space, we searched throughout Western New York, including, of course, the city of Buffalo. Although there were some exciting spaces, none of the city spaces were as perfect for our needs as the one we found in Amherst. Like many of our fellow tenants in the new space, though, we’ll be using “Buffalo” as our mailing address.

And that’s the way it should be. Even though—unlike urban/suburban population clusters such as Toronto, Indianapolis, Louisville, and many others—we have not merged our city and county governments, and perhaps never will, people across Western New York identify themselves as Buffalonians. The city of Buffalo is our heart, our center. We derive our identity from it, and just as we would never refer to the Orchard Park Bills, it seems correct to call a magazine that takes in Amherst, Clarence, East Aurora—even Niagara Falls and Lockport—Buffalo Spree.

As many local pundits have remarked before me, to divide Western New York along territorial suburban vs. urban lines is to diminish the riches of what we offer as a region. Buffalo means both the Taste of Buffalo and the Eden Corn festival, regardless of which event lies within the city limits. I also consider such resources as Griffis Sculpture Park, Zoar Valley, and Niagara Falls as part of what Buffalo offers; all are less than an hour away from the city center and two of them less than half an hour.

So though it might be nice to walk downtown to work (as many of my colleagues brave the inbound expressway), I am intrigued by our new surroundings and look forward to exploring the bustling area near UB, just as, every weekend or so, I walk around Allentown and environs to see what’s new, and just as, a few weeks past, I visited the charming shops of the village of Clarence for the first time.

As they say, it’s all good. And it’s all Buffalo. We hope this “Best Of” issue will help you make some discoveries of your own.


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