The how-to aficionado’s fantasy—extra arms and hands.
Photo of Amanda Robinson by kc kratt. Cover design by Chastity Taber.


We’re subtitling this issue “fix it/find it/get it done,” and that about sums it up. But what constitutes “it”? Just about anything you can think of, from shoe repair to piano tuning, Facebook pages to upholstery. There are profiles of some of this area’s master craftspeople, some helpful hints, and plenty of websites to explore. We’ll help you figure out what you can take care of yourself and what to leave to the experts.
By Bruce Adams, Michelle A. Blackley, Larry Brooks, Anthony Chase, Bruce Eaton, Ron Ehmke, Donna Evans-Deyermond, Terri Parsell Hilmey, Elizabeth Licata, Jay Pawlowski, Kevin Purdy, Christopher Schobert, Maria Scrivani, Jennifer Smith, and Joe Sweeney.

A craftsman's pride
By Maria Scrivani; photo by kc kratt
Replace or restore?
By Anthony Chase; photo by kc kratt
Talk to the Doc
By Donna Evans-Deyermond;
photo by kc kratt
The life aquatic
By Joe Sweeney; photos by kc kratt

Q&A: David Lamb, artistic director, Kavinoky Theatre
By Jana Eisenberg; photos by kc kratt
Mola Ram Rituals
By Joe Sweeney
Cool Stuff: Tracking ‘the big ones’
By Paul Chimera
Picture This
By Spree readers
Spree insider: Buffalo’s boogie night and helping Hunter’s Hope
By Kathyrn DeLong
Hot 5: An opinionated to-do list
By Christopher Schobert

Music preview: Max Valdés returns
By Jeffrey Levine
Theater: November’s stage heroes
By Darwin McPherson
Theater: Kickin’ it with the Rockettes
By Darwin McPherson
Art: A new Burchfield, and a new era in Buffalo art
By Barry A. Muskat
and Catherine Berlin (fashion spreads)

Art: A Gateway to beauty at the new BPAC
By Bruce Adams

Style: Holiday diversions
By Catherine Berlin
Gadget Planet: Winners and losers
By William C. Altreuter and Catherine Berlin
Beauty: Best behavior
By Catherine Berlin
Vanity Wars
By “Ambrose” and “Faith”
Plus, Margaret M. Toohey and Vicki G. Marshall
take you to Christmas in the Village

Reviews of 800 Maple and Falafel Bar; the Foodies ’n’ mac ’n’ cheese; Thanksgiving drink recipes; a pubcrawl in Black Rock; and the month in galas.
By Alan Bedenko, Lisa Brown, Mark Criden, Ron Ehmke, Jessica Keltz, Vicki G. Marshall, Terri Parsell Hilmey, and Margaret M. Toohey.

The Foodies: Mac & Cheese
By Vicki G. Marshall
and Margaret M. Toohey

Wine: Holiday spirits to help you through Turkey Day
By Mark Criden

Editor’s letter, deadlines
Dining guide
Shopping Spree
Cultural listings
Index of advertisers
Who was there
Bflo Days:
A perfect storm of partying
By Christopher Schobert