Kelly Wagner, Michael Hardy, and Rosa Scrivani, peering through the fronds at the Botanical Gardens of Buffalo and Erie County.
Photography by kc kratt.
Cover design by Chastity Taber.

Spree put together its first list of WNY singles in 2007, and the hardest part was not finding them—it was trying to figure out who to profile, since there were so many fine choices. Now, two years later, we’re doing it again with a whole new crop of interesting folks. Here you’ll find leasing agents, financial advisors, poets, musicians, and everything in between. Plus, in a special Eligibles edition, our regular pubcrawl hits some local bars of note. Cool people, hip spots, and a great start to 2009. We’ll drink to that.
By Michelle A. Blackley, Ron Ehmke, Jana Eisenberg, Donna Evans-Deyermond, Cynnie Gaasch, Martha Gorman, Donna Hoke Kahwaty, Lisa Kane, Jessica Keltz, Jeffrey Levine, Ronald S. Montesano, Nancy J. Parisi, and Christopher Schobert.

David Butler
Renaissance man

By Ron Ehmke

Gary Earl Ross
Reading, writing, and watching films

By Donna Hoke Kahwaty

Lisa Forrest
Fast-paced polymath

By Nancy J. Parisi

Development: Genesee Gateway
By Barry A. Muskat
Mola Ram Rituals
By Joe Sweeney
Q&A: Taking a stand on the casino
By Christopher Schobert; photo by kc kratt
Cool Stuff: Tongues, trees, and traps:
not just any rainforest at the Zoo

By Jennifer Wettlaufer; photos by kc kratt
Spree Insider: Main Street meets Bourbon Street
By Kathryn DeLong
Hurry up and “Wait”
By Ron Ehmke
The Hot 5: An opinionated to-do list
By Christopher Schobert
Picture This: Our readers show off as shutterbugs
By Spree readers

Visual Art: The Albright-Knox looks at abstract-expressionism’s heyday
By Bruce Adams
Art Preview:
A surprising opening show at the Burchfield Penney
By Elizabeth Licata
Music: Forty-five years of Lukas Foss
By Jeffrey Levine
Theater: Rent’s farewell highlights two busy months
By Darwin McPherson

Fitness: Cutting to the core
By Maria Scrivani
Fitness: Eat, sleep, and climb
By Tony Billoni
Fitness: Home-video gym rats
By Donna Hoke Kahwaty
Fashion: Tennis attire
By Catherine Berlin
Style: Deep freeze cool
By William C. Altreuter and Catherine Berlin
Beauty: Spending time on eyecare
By Catherine Berlin
Vanity Wars:
By “Faith” and “Ambrose”
Gadget Planet
By William C. Altreuter and Catherine Berlin

SeaBar opens in the city; the Foodies enjoy three squares at the renovated Pano’s; the small plates of Havana House, Hutch’s, and the Wine Thief; a Seneca Lake wine tour; the simple greatness of chicken soup; bargain dining at Korea House; and the month in charity galas.
By Mark Criden, Joe George, Terri Parsell Hilmey, Jessica Keltz, Vicki G. Marshall, Kevin Purdy, Margaret M. Toohey, and Jennifer Wutz-Lopes.

The Foodies:
Twelve hours at Pano’s
By Vicki G. Marshall and Margaret M. Toohey; photos by kc kratt
Small Plates:
WNY, one app at a time
By Jennifer Wutz-Lopes;
photos by kc kratt

Checking in on Seneca
By Jennifer Wutz-Lopes;
photos by kc kratt

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Index of advertisers
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Bflo Days:
Finding good news in the arts
By Elizabeth Licata