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Our yearly overview of the Western New York region treads a fine line between informing visitors and newcomers about the basics and throwing a spotlight on the new, the strange, and the obscure for our regular readers. You may think you know everything there is to know about WNY, but have you been to Gooseneck Hill? Have you viewed Nelson Starr’s All Access Pass? When’s the last time you saw a film at the Aurora? We’ve also included basics like our do-it-yourself architecture tour, a school guide, and the always-popular list of top ten homes sold last year. And check out the interesting group of young movers and shakers; some of us may have wasted much of our twenties at the Old Pink, but these folks are using those years to start new businesses, provide blankets for the homeless, and make things happen for their neighborhoods. It’s shaming, really. Oh, well, still plenty of time for all of us to make the most of this great region. Read, and enjoy.
By Michelle Blackley, Rick Criden, Jana Eisenberg, Ron Ehmke, Cynnie Gaasch, Joe George, Lauren Newkirk Maynard, Ronald S. Montesano, Barry A. Muskat, Sarah Quintal, Christopher Schobert, Maria Scrivani, Naomi Spencer, and Jennifer Wettlaufer

Old World days, New Buffalo nights
By Jessica Keltz, photos by kc kratt
Flora, fauna, rusted industry:
An urban hike to Concrete Central

Story and Photos by Nancy J. Parisi
Wild WNY: On the wing, in the water, and from the ground up
By Elizabeth Licata and Sally Cunningham; Gooseneck photos by Jack Maeder, Canadaway photos by Alberto Rey
A new-and-improved guide to historic Niagara
By Elizabeth Licata
Ever fresh on the West Side
Story and Photos by Nancy J. Parisi

Q&A: Joy Kuebler
By Kelly Hayes McAlonie
Cool Stuff: Shared water and good neighbors
By Jana Eisenberg
Spree Insider:
Good Days, a Bash, honoring women, and a salute to WNY's best

By Caroline Huftalen
Picture This: Our readers show off as shutterbugs
By Spree readers
Dukakis speaks for Women’s Fund
By Jana Eisenberg
Great Buildings: A world-class welcome
By Barry A. Muskat; photos by kc kratt
Cool Stuff: Don’t want to own a car? Share one
By Jana Eisenberg
The Hot 5: An opinionated to-do list
By Christopher Schobert

Visual Art: Reviewing shows by Ani Hoover and Jed Jackson
By Bruce Adams
Event Preview: A Joyce extravaganza
By Christopher Schobert
Theater: Previews of The Color Purple and Polish Joke
By Elizabeth Licata and Darwin McPherson
Plus: Fiber art of Nancy Belfer on view at Indigo

Golf: A grand tradition at the Park Club
By Ronald Montesano
Getaway: The Inn at Manitou
By Catherine Berlin
Gardening: Native love
By Sally Cunningham
Skin Counsel: Beauty skewl
By Catherine Berlin
Vanity Wars: Barbie at fifty, and how to dress for Little League
By "Ambrose” and “Faith”
Plus: A guide to WNY schools and the 2008 top-selling homes

The month in charity events, a shop that knows their meat, a word on men and wine, and our dining listings.
By Michelle Blackley, Vicki G. Marshall, Terri Parsell Hilmey, and Margaret M. Toohey.

Editor’s letter, Deadlines
Dining guide
Shopping Spree
Cultural listings
Index of advertisers
Who was there
Bflo Days:
A do-it-yourself architecture tour
By Elizabeth Licata and Tim Tielman