At a backyard party recently, as we were all enjoying the (finally!) balmy summer weather, I was challenged by a candidate for local political office: why doesn’t Spree cover the mayoral or other city, county, state, and national elections? There are many answers, the most practical being that our deadlines and lengthy production periods make it impossible to cover the day-to-day narratives of political races, just as we can’t report on sports as it happens. We’re not a newspaper. But it’s more than that.

As I discuss on the last page of this issue, there are so many factors that affect our daily lives and make them harder or easier, enjoyable or tedious, productive or static. To what extent would the outcome of a local election or football game really change those outcomes? It depends, but in many ways, not at all. The efforts of a group like Re-Tree WNY or Grassroots Gardens might improve the quality of life on a city block more than a new mayor. The renovation of a boarded-up former rooming house might be a bigger win than anything that happens at the Ralph. Life is lived according to what we do with our friends, families, and neighbors. Happiness in our lives often revolves around a fun day trip, a much-needed renovation, the discovery of a great restaurant, or a rewarding hour spent helping out at a favorite nonprofit.

Regardless of who’s elected or who wins, our readers always need to know how to live well in Western New York. That’s why in this issue we talk about our favorite local taverns, the excitement of a Frank Lloyd Wright symposium convening in Buffalo, and goofy Halloween happenings, among many other things.

Fall is the new summer. Enjoy.


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