Bicycles matter
By Joe George; photos by kc kratt

Illustrations by Justin Lowe. Dart board and darts courtesy of Shickluna Bikes & Darts. Photo by kc kratt. Photo manipulation by Josh Flanigan. Cover design by Chastity Taber.

Report card time has come early for Western New York. But instead of grades, we’ve turned our writers loose to explore what WNY is doing well, and what it’s doing badly. (Think of it as a win/fail scenario.) Happily, it’s not all doom and gloom. The list of Wins is long and varied—national press, Hollywood interest, new life on Main Street, and more. But the Fails … well, there are plenty to choose from: inaccessible beaches, beautiful schools in poverty-stricken neighborhoods, no new Peace Bridge. The state of our corner of the state is clearly mixed. (Note to our Failures: Please have your parent, guardian, or figurehead sign and return to us promptly. Yours truly, Spree.)
By Bruce Adams, Alan J. Bedenko, Mark Ciemcioch, Bruce Eaton, John Hakes, Ronald S. Montesano, Barry A. Muskat, Phil Nyhuis, Nancy J. Parisi, Christopher Schobert, Maria Scrivani, and Joe Sweeney

State of WNY (excerpts):
Politics as usual. Again
By Alan Bedenko
A sleek new tower spells success;
“Shabby” is putting it kindly;
The hotel that wasn’t

By Barry A. Muskat
Bringing fresh food to the inner city;
The urban food desert

By Nancy J. Parisi

When Spree ran its first “green” issue in April 2008, we were thrilled at how many ideas about sustainable living and eco-consciousness were becoming reality. But two years later, how have things changed? And what’s to come?
By Larry Brooks, Sally Cunningham, Kevin Fryling, Joe George, Elizabeth Licata, and Stephanie Wells

WNY Life: The sweet science of maple syrup:
Sugaring with the Kehl family in Wyoming County

By Rick Ohler
Cool Stuff: Here come the gatekeepers
By Stephanie Berberick
Cool Stuff: Art of glass
By Stephanie Berberick
The Hot 5: An opinionated to-do list
By Christopher Schobert
Spree Insider: A howling good time, Easter fun at the Gardens, a Tony Walker party, and more
By Stephanie Berberick
Picture This: Our readers show off as shutterbugs
By Spree readers

Art on View: A new world at the Anderson
By Elizabeth Licata
Art on View: The Vogels’ obsession at AKAG
By Bruce Adams
Art Preview: CEPA’s awe-inspiring auction
By Elizabeth Licata
Art Preview: Ab-ex soulmates
By Elizabeth Licata
Poetry: Driving with Jennifer Campbell
By Christopher Schobert

Gardening: Bird-scaping
By Sally Cunningham
Health: Healing energies
By Lisa Kane
Health: The benefits of reflexology
By Michelle Cefaratti

Reviews of the Creekview in Williamsville and the Steelhead Irish Pub and Grill in Lewiston, veggie recipes, a South Buffalo pubcrawl, and the month in charity events.
By Lisa Brown, Ron Ehmke, Joe George, Terri Parsell Hilmey, Vicki G. Marshall, Margaret M. Toohey, and Jennifer Wutz-Lopes

Take one: Classic and timeless:
The Creekview

By Jennifer Wutz-Lopes;
photos by kc kratt

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Bflo Days:

Leave the parks alone
By Elizabeth Licata