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Buffalo Spree's 2019 Best of WNY Winners



Spree’s Best of WNY list for 2019 was compiled through a combination of public poll and expert panel. In some cases, ties indicate where those two entities may have reached different decisions, but, for the most part, the poll and panelists were in accord. Some categories, where there were few votes and no consensus, were eliminated.


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Thanks to everyone who voted and to the writers and panelists as follows:
William Altreuter, Matthew Biddle, Jeff Biesinger, Holly Metz Doyle, Jana Eisenberg, Elizabeth Licata, Paul Morgan, Mark Nowak, Devon Dams-O’Connor, Nancy J. Parisi, Christa Seychew, and Wendy Guild Swearingen


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If you are a winner and are looking for the Best of WNY winners toolkit, please click here.