The Best Doctors List
The top 110 Western New York physicians in over twenty-five specialties as determined by Best Doctors, Inc, a Boston-based firm that has been surveying doctors nationwide for more than ten years.
By Best Doctors, Inc.
Best Docs Up Close

Profiles of ten local doctors from the list, including dermatologists, pediatricians, gynecologists, geriatricians, and one Emeritus member of the WNY ranking.
By Christina Abt, Donna Evans, Barry A. Muskat, Lou Petrucci, Maria Scrivani, and Jennifer Wettlaufer

David Milch’s Deadwood
The Buffalo-born creator of HBO’s postmodern western uses some salty language of his own to discuss the controversial series.

By Philip Nyhuis
Nightmare in North Buffalo

This Parkside-based filmmaking couple gave up on the industry altogether and made a horrorfilm their own way.
By Anna Hausmann
The Power Behind Justice League

How one Buffalo native broke into the big business of Hollywood animation.
By Darwin McPherson
Greg Sterlace
Quirky plots, interesting locations, and a totally local cast and crew propel some one-of-a-kind homegrown projects.
By Lou Petrucci
Living the Dream
Hollywood producer John Jacobs fulfills his boyhood ambition, one movie at a time.
By Maria Scrivani

He Wrote the Songs
Salamanca-born songwriting legend Ray Evans turns ninety.
By Maria Scrivani

PLUS: On location with Emergent-C, 100 years of WNY on film, an A-Z of more Buffalo peeps in the biz, tips on unleashing your inner Spielberg, and more!

Simply red, wacky wikis, Wendell’s world, Buffalo flames on, and more
By Ron Ehmke, Anna Hausmann,
and Elizabeth Licata

The Guy on the Thirteenth Floor
Visits Bizarro New York

Arts Previews:
Cuban-American artists, John Pfahl
By Elizabeth Licata
Theater: New year, new productions
By Darwin McPherson
In the Studio: Catherine Shuman Miller
By Chris Stuccio
Architecture Up Close
By Dan Mica with Chuck LaChiusa

Great Indoors: A Cozy Retreat in the City
By Barry A. Muskat
Style: WNY Fashion Faux Pas
By Donna Evans
Style: The Vanity Wars
By “Ambrose” and “Faith”
Out on the Town
By Sue Ann Simonen and Hilary Banker
Fitness Watch
By Bruce Adams
Gadget Planet
By William C. Altreuter and Catheine Berlin

Restaurant Reviews: Beyond the Fish Fry
By Alan J. Bedenko
Wine: From Here to Shiraz
By Mark Criden
Kitchen Stories: Food on film
By Joe George
The Foodies: Where’s the Beef?
By Vicki G. Marshall and Margaret M. Toohey
PLUS: A Foodie footnote, a salute to soup, and movies made for winos.