OK, we all know we really love WNY winters, but sometimes, just sometimes, a series of cold, gray days can get to you—just a bit. Herewith, fifty ways to chase away those cold season blues, from the perils of ice climbing to the camaraderie of bowling and Scrabble to the gentle heat of Bikram yoga. There’s so much to do in WNY in the winter— find out where to take a cooking class, learn web design, have artsy fun with your toddlers, and much more.
By Ron Ehmke, Donna Evans, Terri Parsell Hilmey, Bruce Jackson, Lisa Kane, Brian Kantz, Lynn Lasota, Elizabeth Licata, Sara Baker Michalek, Lou Petrucci, Sara Quintal, Jay Pawlowski, Joanna Raczynska, Joe Sweeney, and James Williams

This year we consulted with the New York City-based firm Castle Connolly to get their list of Western New York’s best doctors, as chosen by their peers. We also have in-depth profiles of seven of the chosen docs; a behind-the-scenes look at Mercy Flight; and an introduction to one of the least-known medical specialties.
By Catherine Berlin, Donna Evans, Gwen Ito, Nancy J. Parisi, Maria Scrivani, and Jennifer Wettlaufer

Romantic text messaging, a really creepy show in TO, a museum of cutlery, and more
By Ron Ehmke, Elizabeth
Licata, Sam Packard,
and James Williams

This issue we introduce a new
feature in which architecture
critic Barry Muskat explores
WNY’s big “if onlys.” Also,
Anna Hausmann looks
at Buffalo schools from the
Board’s perspective.
By Anna Hausmann, Elizabeth
Licata, Barry A. Muskat,
and the Guy on the
13th Floor

Art review: A Great Wall
By Bruce Adams
Theater: Bad Dates:
Michele Ragusa
By Ron Ehmke
Theater: Lord of the
Rings on stage

By Joe Sweeney
Theater: Winter preview
By Darwin McPherson
Music: Senior citizens of rock
By Christopher Schobert
Visual art:
In the Studio: A. J. Fries

By Christopher Stucchio
Architecture up close
By Dan Mika with Chuck

Plus music and art previews:
Willie Nile, Maria Schneider,
Michael Zwack, Andrew

Gadget Planet:
Hibernation support
By William C. Altreuter
and Catherine Berlin
Etiquette: Reach out
and touch someone
By Jay Pawlowski
Fitness Watch:
Eat, you’ll feel better
By Bruce Adams
Vanity Wars
By “Faith” and “Ambrose”

Little places with big tastes
By Alan Bedenko;
photos by Jim Bush
Wine: Hurrah for Syrah
By Mark Criden
Kitchen Stories:
Bread, part four
By Joe George
The Foodies:
Back to the classroom
By Vicki G. Marshall and
Margaret M. Toohey
Plus recipes, Kermit Lynch,
and more.