New York City and Toronto are two of the world’s fashion hot spots, and much of what explodes there makes its way to Buffalo and beyond. Recent years have seen an influx of new boutiques in Western New York, meaning residents do, indeed, want trendy fashions. Our writers recently hit fashion weeks in New York and Toronto, and have also taken a look at what’s available in Buffalo, in this special feature section.

Would you have guessed that there are Western New Yorkers getting paid to taste chocolate, drink beer, work on comic books, host radio shows, and play guitar? Maybe not—which makes these “cool” jobs even cooler. Spree takes a look at a few of these Western New York success stories, and what makes their work so much fun. How great are these jobs? See for yourself. But prepare to be envious
by Lawrence Brooks, Ron Ehmke, Donna Evans-Deyermond, Gwen Ito, Terri Parsell Hilmey, Christopher Schobert, and Maria Scrivani.

Kiss of the Snyder woman: Janet Snyder, disc jockey.
By Joe Sweeney
Inundated with art:
Holly E. Hughes, curator

by Jessica Keltz
Elephant woman:
Tammy Segrue, zookeeper.

by Jana Eisenberg
The captain of wrinkle tin factory:
Rick Smith, entrepreneur

by Nancy J. Parisi
Woman of the arts: Mary Begley,
record label exec/painter

by Ron Ehmke

A Fashion Week primer.
By Catherine Berlin
and William C. Altreuter
Where to find it in WNY
by Catherine Berlin
Couture comes to Buffalo
by Jana Eisenberg
Street fashion strikes back in TO
by Prashant Girinath

Plus, a sidebar on outfitting your man by Catherine Berlin.

A treat for Christmas Story
fans, the Darwin Martin
House complex, Women’s
Gifts, a Victorian-style
holiday, and more.
By Ron Ehmke,
Elizabeth Licata,
and Trish Pantano.

Coping with political
catastrophes, development
in Buffalo, blogging about
work, and the October storm.
WNY politics

By the Guy on the 13th Floor
Real Deals
By Barry A. Muskat
Blog cabin
By Jennifer Wutz-Lopes
A storm out of time

By Bruce Jackson

Community Service:
Leadership Buffalo at twenty
By Cynnie Gaasch
Gadget Planet:
Various electronica
By William C. Altreuter
and Catherine Berlin

Vanity Wars
By Trish Pantano
Community Service: Respite
for families in wartime
By “Faith” and “Ambrose”
Gardening: Damage control
By Elizabeth Licata

Joseph Miller’s
post-pastoral visions

By Bruce Adams
Cool theater for a cold month
By Darwin McPherson
Review: Andrea Zittel
By Elizabeth Licata
Viva Italia:
Italian design at the
Royal Ontario Museum
By Christopher Schobert
Art preview: Jane Hammond
By Elizabeth Licata

Tastings: The great pizza
throwdown of 2006

By Elizabeth Licata
photos by Jim Bush

Restaurants: New in the city
By Alan Bedenko;
Photos by Jim Bush

Top ten wine stories of 2006

By Mark Criden
Foodies: “Garçon!”
By Vicki G. Marshall
and Margaret M. Toohey

Gift wines, holiday wish lists

Photo by Jim Bush.
Art direction by Chastity Taber. Albright-Knox Art Gallery associate curator Holly E. Hughes is pictured in front of 100 Cans by Andy Warhol, 1962. This oil on canvas painting, measuring 72" x 52", was a gift of Seymour H. Knox, Jr. to the gallery in 1963.