Attempting to keep up with the local food scene is almost like riding a bucking bronco or chasing a runaway train; there is so much happening so fast that I knew from the beginning we’d never be able to mash it all into one magazine issue.

But what I love about this area of WNY culture are the wonderfully generous and enthusiastic people who involve themselves in helping people here live and eat better by using their local resources. I’d particularly like to thank Christa Glennie Seychew, who has been generous with our writers in sharing the wealth of information she has through Field and Fork Network, which she co-founded. We covered their first meetings in last March’s WNY Chefs issue and it has been amazing to watch this loose association of foodies and food producers develop and create wonderful events, some of which we list in this month’s calendars.

Another organization that I watch in great admiration is the Massachusetts Avenue Project. There are many groups active in the West Side, but MAP seems to have fingers in many different pies. It is playing a big role in making fresh food available and in showing people how to grow their own produce. Many thanks to sustainable landscaping expert Dave Majewski for driving me around the area where many of the MAP and Grassroots Gardens projects are growing. By all means, I encourage readers to take their own tours. You’ll be impressed.

Spree will continue to follow the local food scene as it develops, and we apologize to all the businesses, people, and non-profits we had to leave out. We’ll never entirely catch up, but we’ll try!

Enjoy WNY’s bounty this fall,


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