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Our yearly overview of WNY is meant for those who’ve lived here for years—“Of course I know about the Blue Water Tower”—and others who might be new to the area. (“Why are you writing about a blue water tower?”) Every reader should find some interesting and surprising info in the section, including a list of “only in Buffalo” phenomena, the top ten foods we’re famous for, a profile of the city’s growing immigrant population, local geocaching hot spots, offbeat sports, and more. It’s a guide as diverse and unique as the city itself.
By Bruce Adams, Bruce Eaton, Ron Ehmke, John Hakes, Donna Hoke, Gene Hunt, Elizabeth Licata, Rick Ohler, Nancy J. Parisi, Charlie Riley, Christopher Schobert, Maria Scrivani, and Laura Silverman

Defensive Buffalo
Damn right we’re talking proud. You got a problem with that?

By Bruce Adams
City of Superlatives
Buffalo may be the second largest city in the state, but there are plenty of places where it ranks first—and none of them include snow.

By Donna Hoke
Studying the Picturesque
Two scenic routes in opposite directions

By Elizabeth Licata
Top 10 WNY Foods
By Elizabeth Licata and Christopher Schobert

Q & A: Lauren Belfer
By Jana Eisenberg
Cool Stuff: The horse haven of Westfield
By Joann Pan
Spree Insider: The Best is yet to come
By Stephanie Wells
The Hot 5: An opinionated to-do list
By Christopher Schobert
June Festivals Calendar

Music: The flattering stylings of the cover band
By Joe Sweeney
Music: Concert bliss at Artpark
By Christopher Schobert
Music: A reborn Rapids Theatre in the Falls
By James Walkowiak
Music: Guitar greatness at the Falletta Competition
By Jay Pawlowski
Plus: 100 American Craftsmen returns and two First Friday exhibitions.

Gardening: The right perennial
By Sally Cunningham
Health: Choosing your doc
By Terri Parsell Hilmey
Gadget Planet
By William C. Altreuter

A Nickel City Chef battle, soup and more for cheap at Pho Saigon, a downtown pubcrawl, and the month in galas and charity events.
By Lisa Brown, Ron Ehmke, Jana Eisenberg, Terri Parsell Hilmey, Margaret M. Toohey, and Tim Toohey

Shiitake in the afternoon
A Nickel Sity Chef battle between JJ Richert and Carmelo Raimondi

By Margaret M. Toohey and Tim Toohey; photos by kc kratt

Editor’s letter, Deadlines
Dining guide
Shopping Spree
Cultural listings
Index of advertisers
Who was there

Bflo Days:

A few of our favorite (Buffalo) things
By Ron Ehmke, Elizabeth Licata, and Christopher Schobert