JJ Pol Ton Accordion Duo

Paul C. Kozlowski and Jeremy Spindler

Musicians all over the world been impatiently waiting to perform in front of live audiences after the hiatus imposed by the pandemic, but Buffalo native Paul C. Kozlowski has had a longer wait than most. Even before the era of social distancing and mask mandates, the multi-instrumentalist, composer, chef, and carpenter was sidelined by a pair of arm surgeries that threatened his livelihood. 

This month, he’s returning to the stage, collaborating with Paris-born, Brazil-bred, and now Buffalo-based Jeremy Spindler as the JJ Pol Ton Accordion Duo. The act makes its debut at Allentown’s Pausa Art House on Saturday, December 11, with an evening of new music exploring traditional, experimental, and jazz sounds from around the planet. Their instruments of choice for the show are Spindler’s piano accordion—the kind most of us picture when we hear the word—and Kozlowski’s bayan, an Eastern European variation that is operated with buttons.

While JJ Pol Ton is a brand-new venture, Kozlowski and Spindler are old friends and past bandmates. (They first met in 2008, appropriately enough,  at an accordion expo in Batavia.) Both are familiar faces on the WNY musical scene with several past appearances at Pausa and other venues under their belts, sometimes as soloists and sometimes with other ensembles; Spindler is known for his work on the accordion with the groups Volver and French ConéXion, while Kozlowski has been involved with countless group gigs and theatrical productions on myriad instruments. It is their combined interest in world fusion music—weaving together the common threads among Mediterranean, Arab, European, and South American sounds from the distant past as well as the here and now—that unites them and makes this new endeavor such a welcome return.

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