Joe George has his eye  on Buffalo

The vivid saturated colors of this iconic downtown shot are typical.

The series is called "The View from My Handlebars." And now, so is the book. For more than six years, Joe George has been documenting his daily rides as he pedals from his Allentown home to various destinations. George has a powerful ability to capture both natural and manmade beauty; he celebrates Buffalo at its most magnificent and its most humble.

The images have been regularly appearing on Facebook, where he has a large following, as well as, more recently, on Instagram. George has also had several exhibitions in small galleries and, in 2019, published a small book with selected images, most of them iconic and instantly recognizable city scenes. Published on Blurb, the book can be purchased there; the easist way is to follow the link from George’s website, Follow George on Facebook under his name and on Instagram @PazBici. And keep in mind George’s take on it all: "Social media is a powerful platform, use it for good. Even when the world feels upside down and it may seem as if you are living in a bubble, use it for good. Arguments, sarcasm, and criticisms do not matter. Good is what matters. Good is what makes a difference."

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