Squeaky Wheel Excellent Adventure

October 10

Excellent Adventure Scavenger Hunt

organized by Squeaky Wheel

squeaky.org, 884-7172

Last year, we named Squeaky Wheel’s biennial social media scavenger hunt Best New Fundraiser, thanks to its fun, family-friendly mission. Rather than milling about in a big event space (not even possible now, anyway), participants in this fundraiser freely roam throughout Western New York, accomplishing as many tasks as they can throughout the course of the afternoon. The most points at the conclusion of the event wins the Grand Prize, with the chance to win additional special category prizes as well. The tasks (designed with equal parts cultural awareness, media savvy, and silliness) encourage teams to creatively engage with their community outdoors in the open air and from the safety of their homes.

Excellent Adventure only needed a few thoughtful adjustments to prioritize safety and to allow for social distance. The opening and closing events are online, so, theoretically, anyone in the world with a smartphone and an internet connection can participate.

Sign up at squeaky.org.

Here are the basic facts on participation:

Who: You and up to three others

Where: Anywhere in the world

When: Saturday, October 10 (all times EST)

10:30 a.m.: Opening event begins on Zoom: game explained, rules announced, teams/participants finalized

11 a.m.: List of tasks unveiled: The race begins!

4 p.m.: Final deadline to submit tasks

4-5 p.m.: Points tallied, judges confer

5 p.m.: Closing event on Zoom: Team roll-call, submissions screened, prize-winners announced

Elizabeth Licata is Editor-in-Chief of Buffalo Spree Magazine.

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