Buffalo Rises 2.0

Road Less Traveled Productions : Buffalo Rises 2.0 will be released two plays per week beginning November 2, check roadlesstraveledproductions.org for access.

Synopsis: For one of its reimagined 20-21 offerings, Road Less Traveled Productions went retro and commissioned six Western New York playwrights to write short audio plays. The collection is titled Buffalo Rises 2.0, a sequel to the theater’s successful Buffalo Rises, which ran in 2013.

The plays have been written by Sean Cullen, Donna Hoke, Diane Jones/Alejandro Gomez/Christian Hines, Mary Pondexter McLaughlin, Gary Earl Ross, and Darryl Schneider; they will be directed by Sara Kow-Falcone and Kyle LoConti.

“Revisiting Buffalo Rises has been on our radar for a while, and we were hoping for a time to do it,” says RLTP Literary Manager Katie Mallinson. “We adapted that plan into this version that works safely. We thought it would be fun to adapt that to a new medium. The plays range from historical to philosophical, drama, sci-fi, comedy, a little bit of everything.”

Audio plays are a new way of telling stories so the playwrights are adjusting to telling a story without visuals, things like how long can people listen to one person talk when it’s just that person vs. having visuals, so the tempo and dynamic is different.”

Eric Burlingame created the sound design for all the pieces as well as original music to unify them. “We really have the chance to play with soundscape,” says Mallinson. “It’s almost like a score, using sound for atmosphere, to give a sense of tension to what’s happening. You can use sound and character voice in ways that can be just as evocative as a stage picture.”

WHAT THEY SAID: Buffalo Rises 2013: “Taken as a whole, this extraordinary collection of eight plays by local writers is as intelligent, as heartfelt and as good-humored a portrait of the City of Buffalo’s rumbling resurrection as any company has yet produced…. When the story of Buffalo’s re-emergence as a cultural player is written decades from now, chroniclers will be thankful that [RLTP artistic director Scott] Behrend and his company recruited such a talented group of writers to reach up into the air and pull down the ineffable spirit of this rising city.”—Colin Dabkowski, Buffalo News, 2013

Playwright Donna Hoke writes about theater for SPREE and FOREVER YOUNG.

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