Bethany Krull: In Memoriam

Bethany Krull: In Memoriam

July 9–September 4

Bethany Krull: In Memoriam

8–11 p.m. (exhibition opening) at Box Gallery (667 Main Street)


In her artist's statement, Bethany Krull writes, "My sculpture speaks to the complicated and often contradictory relationships humans maintain with other animals. Our homes have become barriers that keep the wild out, yet they are filled with caged animals, potted plants, and countless other controlled and contrived representations of the natural world. My work aims to illustrate the evidence of both our dominance over and our affection for nature, as well as the cohabitation of our unease and desires regarding it."

Here's an ideal opportunity to explore Krull's work, which, in spite of its serious philosophical underpinnings, embodies much of the charm she questions. Her work both delights and disturbs.



Ends July 9

BSA Spring Exhibition

Buffalo Society of Artists holds its annual spring show.

Artist Group Gallery

(One Linwood Avenue), 885-2251


Opens July 9

Bill Stewart & a Shaman’s World

Works by the whimsical, enigmatic sculptor are on display.

Burchfield Penney Art Center

(1300 Elmwood Avenue), 878-6011


Opens July 10

Art in Craft Media 2021

This year, it is curated by writer, curator, and educator Garth Johnson, the Paul Phillips and Sharon Sullivan Curator of Ceramics at the Everson Museum of Art.

Burchfield Penney Art Center

(1300 Elmwood Avenue), 878-6011


July 11

Virtual Family Funday

This free Virtual Family Funday features  activities inspired by Hervé Tullet’s book The Game of Shapes and the special exhibition Hervé Tullet: Shape and Color.

1–2:30 p.m., streaming, 882-8700


July 19–23

Play and Imagine

In this week-long virtual program inspired by Hervé Tullet: Shape and Color, students aged five and six explore new mediums, including drawing, painting, and more.

10–11:30 a.m., streaming, 882-8700


Opens July 23

Kathy Sherin: Stable Structures and Disruptive Forces

Sherin combines various techniques to create energized, one-of-a-kind abstract prints. 

Buffalo Arts Studio

(Tri-Main Center, 2495 Main Street, Ste. 500), 833-4550


Oreen Cohen: Darkest Dark

Cohen presents Darkest Dark, an ongoing series of large scale charcoal works on paper made with residual marks from aggressive, automatic drawing. Usually completed in one feverous action, each piece develops distinct worlds, reflecting narratives wrenched from personal states of trauma.

Buffalo Arts Studio

(Tri-Main Center, 2495 Main Street, Ste. 500), 833-4550


July 26–30

Art Explorers

Young artists aged seven and eight explore a variety of media over this weeklong virtual class inspired by Hervé Tullet: Shape and Color.

1:30–3:30 p.m., streaming, 882-8700


Through July

125th Annual Catalog Exhibition

The Buffalo Society of Artists celebrates its 125th anniversary. (ends December 5)

Castellani Art Museum

(97 Varsity Drive, Niagara University),



Hervé Tullet: Shape and Color 

This is the largest exhibition ever assembled of this artist, performer, and beloved children’s book author’s work. Simple lines and shapes in primary colors form the basis of the minimal, yet joyous and inviting visual language found throughout his installations and more than eighty publications. (ends September 12)

Albright-Knox Northland

(612 Northland Avenue)

albright, 882-8700


Chris Liberti: Spectator Sports 

Liberti’s paintings evolve through the current environment in addition to multiple sources of inspiration: blunders, memories, natural and historical references. 

Meibohm Fine Arts

(478 Main Street, East Aurora)



Elizabeth Murray: Back in Town

This is the first major posthumous survey of work by pioneering painter Elizabeth Murray (1940–2007). During her time in Buffalo, Murray’s work changed radically, which set her on a path to becoming a bold painter known for wildly shaped canvases and a mix of abstraction and cartoonish figuration. Back in Town plots Murray’s career chronologically and includes paintings, drawings, and prints. (ends October 3)

UB Anderson Gallery

(1 Martha Jackson Place)



At the Water’s Edge: Paintings and Drawings by Mildred C. Green

Mildred C. Green (1874-1951) was a muralist, illustrator, educator, and writer. This exhibition showcases Green’s paintings of the Buffalo Harbor during its decades as an economic powerhouse, as well as scenes that she painted along the Niagara River and in the landscape around the city. Her paintings remain an important expression of the unique beauty of the region during the period when it was at its economic peak. 

Burchfield Penney Art Center

(1300 Elmwood Avenue), 878-6011


A Forgotten Lens: Philip Elliot Rediscovered

In February 2020, a collection of hundreds of photographic negatives by Elliot was rediscovered at the Burchfield Penney Art Center. Though the condition of many have degraded, these rare negatives show decades of Elliot and Cuthbert’s day-to-day life together in detail never before known. In these intimate and thoughtful images, we can experiece fragments of the life of two beloved artists in the twentieth century. (ends August 6)

Burchfield Penney Art Center

(1300 Elmwood Avenue), 878-6011


Alberto Rey: Life Streams

Recent work from the Cuban-American artist, naturalist, and award-winning fly fishing guide (ends December 1)

Burchfield Penney Art Center

(1300 Elmwood Avenue), 878-6011


Brought to Light, Orenda

Buffalo's only Native-American-owned art gallery, K Art, presents two shows. Brought to Light is subtitled The Epidemic of Violence against Indigenous Women. The works by five Native women artists address devastating statistics of violence. Orenda features the paintings of G. Peter Jemison, who is known for his references to Native American history, culture,and iconography. This is the second show in the 2,000-square foot Allentown space. (runs through August )

K Art

(808 Main Street)


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