Wild Things

November 1–December 1

At CEPA Gallery, 617 Main Street

cepagallery.org, 856-2717


Now that almost everyone carries a camera in the form of a smartphone at all times, everything gets documented. Images of offspring, friends, relatives, strangers, houses, cars, meals, drinks, plants, bands, landmarks, and so much more—from the monumental to the utterly banal—are clicked, stored, and often shared. These captured fragments are proof of trips taken, occasions enjoyed, lives lived. We take it for granted that photography=reality.


Curator and artist/photographer Robert Hirsch is not so sure. He contends that "truth" is a contested and wily objective and that, without their original contexts, photographs take on new  and different reflections of meaning.   


To illustrate this contention, Hirsch has gathered a selection of nineteen international artists whose photographic-based images disrupt original intent and assumed "meanings." As Hirsch states in the release for this show, "Their works proclaim there are boundless ways for one to photographically imagine our world."


The works include mashups of different imagery, works where images have been abraded, painted over, or otherwise altered, and just plain mysterious images, that, without original context, are impossible to figure out.


It’s a fun, thought-provoking show.


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