Spree Music with E. Lovria: Sloan

As an impressionable teen living in Western New York in the 90s, I was lucky to find Canadian radio stations on my parent’s stereo. At the very same time, Canadian bands truly flourished and music critics began taking notice of the talent north of our border.  One such band from this period is Sloan, who is appearing at the Tralf on Friday, October 19 to perform its critically acclaimed 1994 release "Twice Removed" in its entirety, in addition to a set of classic hits and fan favorites. This is a must see event for any Sloan fan, as well as anyone who wishes to relive the nostalgic and the rise of Canadian alternative music.

While the idea of watching a band perform an album in its entirety may be considered dull to a more laid-back fan, I suggest you reconsider. "Twice Removed" may not have made a lot of noise in the American market but in Canada, it has been named the best Canadian album in a fan poll conducted by Chart magazine two out of the three times (1996 and 2005) the poll was open. Considering some of the other more well-known Canadian musicians they are up against—say Neil Young, Joni Mitchell, and Rush, to name a few—that’s a pretty respectable accomplishment. Spin magazine even named the record one of the "Best Albums You Didn’t Hear" in 1994.

While most casual fans are sure to remember "Twice Removed" hits like Coax Me, Pen Pals, and People of the Sky, to see tracks like Loosens, I Hate My Generation, and I Can Feel It performed live will be a real musical treat. Still, if the idea of watching a band just playing songs from one album doesn’t sit well with you, keep in mind there is a second set just for you.

I have seen Sloan on numerous occasions in all sorts of settings—festivals, small rock clubs, and outdoor venues. In fact, they were the first concert to which I took my young daughter. Not once have I been disappointed, as their genuine demeanor and rapport with the audience makes me return each time they are in town.  Judging by the large crowds they attract when visiting our fair city, it’s apparent I’m not the only one in Buffalo aware of this. While I am sure they’ll return to Buffalo in the future, do not pass up this chance to see Sloan perform their most beloved body of work.  

Tickets are currently on sale at the Tralf box office, Ticketmaster, and Walmart locations for $20. Doors open at 7 and show begins at 8. 


Editor's Note: This just in, from the show's promoters -

"WIN passes to an after-show meet-n-greet with the band on Friday October 19 at The Tralf. Call or stop by Tralf Box Office today to purchase your tix and a chance to WIN passes for you and a friend to a very cool after-show meet-n-greet with the band! Beers with SLOAN? Yes, please!

Box office is open 11am-4pm. 716.852.2860. 622 Main Street downtown Buffalo. Don't ya miss out on this one!  We'll be notifying all the winners tonight!"



Elizabeth Lovria is a graduate of Lake Shore Central Schools and Syracuse University. She resides in Hamburg with her husband and their daughter.


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