Beautiful People: Maureen and Ward Pinkel

Maureen and Ward are the co-owning couple behind Urban Threads, a co-ed clothing boutique in the Elmwood Village that’s been thriving for twenty-one years. They are also community activists with involvement in dozens of organizations improving the visibility of the Elmwood Village as well as Buffalo.

What is your biggest accomplishment?

Maureen: This business–and graduating from college. (Ward in background shouts "Oh yeah!") And being married to Ward for twenty-two years this coming June.

Are you a dog or cat person?

Maureen and Ward: We travel a lot, so a cat is much easier. Ward: You can put it [pet ownership] on auto-pilot with a cat. We’ve had him for two and half years; he’s a Maine Coon mix.

What is the most beautiful place in WNY?

Maureen and Ward: Delaware Park.

Where do you go to experience beauty?

Maureen: The most beautiful place we’ve ever been is Puerto Rico, on the beaches. On the west coast is Rincon, a huge surfing community: there are thirty different beaches and they’re all different in natural ways. One will be a jungle, one will have coral, one will have beautiful pebbles, it’s unbelievable–all within a couple miles of each other.

What place in WNY is in need of beautification?

Maureen and Ward: Someone will get mad, but Delaware Park again: it has potential to be the most beautiful place in WNY, but it also needs a lot of love.

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