You’re an avid theatergoer who would like to try your hand at playwriting. Or a playwright who has moved to Western New York. Or a novelist looking to try a new genre. For whatever reason one decides to write a play, finding fellow playwrights to commune with, places to send your work, and continuing education are ongoing challenges. While Western New York isn’t exactly a playwriting mecca, there are a few resources you should be aware of:


Playwrights of Western New York Facebook page:

For all WNY dramatists and WNY theater community members interested in the activities of WNY dramatists. We share events, as well as local calls for work.


Official Playwrights of Facebook

A larger, international group for keeping tabs on the industry, submission opportunities, trends, and more.


The Dramatists Guild

The only national professional organization for playwrights offers members legal advice, a monthly magazine, resource directory, and discounts on online and in-person classes through the Dramatists Guild Institute (useful because there are currently no local playwriting groups or workshops).


Your local representative (who also serves on Dramatists Guild Council) is Donna Hoke. If you’re new to the area, need local theater info, information on the Guild, or just need to talk playwriting, reach her at (and get on her mailing list).


Buffalo Writers Theater

Produces an annual series based on a prompt; visit page for details and contact info.


Springville Center of the Arts

SCA produces an annual weekend of ten-minute plays by local writers. Watch for the call on Playwrights of WNY Facebook page.


Alleyway Theater

Regularly produces new plays and runs a new play contest each year for both full-length and one-act plays


Road Less Traveled Productions

Offers developmental residencies for regional playwrights


Medaille Summer Theatre Camp

This playwright-led summer program is specifically for young writers (12-17) interested in writing and performing their own new plays.    


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