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In the wake of writer Zack Klug’s entertaining “Rust Belt Pie,” which ran in October, we are adding a monthly tribute to Western New York’s superb pizza makers. We’ve got the quantity and the quality, so it’s time to pay more attention to a food sector whose stranglehold on the Buffalo market will likely never be released. With the weather chilled and takeout once again a weekly norm, all we can say is thank god for pizza!

Miss December is Picasso’s Pizza. Here’s what Sexy Slices, Spree’s 2020 winner of Best Instagram account, has to say:

On the pepperoni: The pepperoni are at the top of their class. Varying thickness and length. Perfectly charred edges with a chewy center. Layered heavily. These are close to perfect, a straight up A+.

On the cheese: Picasso’s cheese, like their pepperoni, is near perfection. It was salty and gooey and there was a ton of it covering the slice. Almost perfectly browned, but maybe a touch more to hit literal perfection. They also shake what I assume is garlic-parmesan mixture on top as a finishing touch. This is a cheese blanket that somehow folded under the slice and covered the bottom. It didn’t slide from the top down because there was still cheese up there, too. Everything I’ve learned about pizza physics has taught me this isn’t possible. 

On the dough: Picasso’s dough is excellent. The bottom is checkered with varying degrees of doneness, which provides a huge flavor profile. It had the ideal chew and was right in middle cut of thickness between NY style and Avenue Pizza, leaning just a little thicker than dead center. 

Picasso’s has four locations and is affiliated with several delivery services. picassopizza.net

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