Santasiero’s: Italian Comfort Food in WNY

Eggplant at Santasiero's


Sauce Santiesiero's from Buffalo Spree magazine on Vimeo.


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1329 Niagara Street, Buffalo   


New Buffalo may be creeping up Niagara Street, but you wouldn’t know it inside this ninety-five-year-old time capsule at Niagara and Lafayette.


Santasiero’s is known for its comfort, reliability, and large plates of delicious food served quick and hot. The only thing that is obviously shiny and new is the pressed tin ceiling, a gleaming expanse of silver that had to be replaced after a flood last year. Both the new ceiling and pressed tin walls are a testament to old-school workmanship. 


The food has a similar pedigree: Santasiero’s sauce is made from the family recipe as it has been handed down through generations here and maybe for generations before in Napoli, Dominic Santasiero’s point of origin. In the eggplant Parmesan, the sauce is nestled around a stack of eggplant that’s been well-draped in melted cheese. Designed for soaking up olive oil, eggplant fulfills its intended purpose in this dish, which veers just enough into decadence. The breadcrumbs still have crunch, the interior is flavorful, and the sauce and cheese tie all the elements together. Order a whole portion, and plan to take some home for a delicious lunch the next day. The small mountain of bread that comes with the dish helps use up any extra sauce.


Dessert is not offered here, but customers can use their quarters at the candy dispenser in the corner.


(Note that Santasiero’s is a cash-only establishment; an ATM is on the premises.)


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