I’m not pulling up data (because at this early stage it is not well supported). I’m not going to discuss politics. I’m just here to give you my opinion at a gut level (which has yet to fail me in my 55 years on this planet). I’m not here to sway your decision, but more to make you comfortable if you choose to vaccinate. 

I am honestly shocked at the numbers of healthcare workers who, by choice, have not been vaccinated as of yet. I will say, however, that most in direct contact with COVID patients have been vaccinated or have at least had COVID and do have antibodies. 

A local nursing home (that currently is my dad’s home), has reported more employee positive cases in the past few weeks than it has for previous months. I am writing this in late January 2021, when all staff and employees have been eligible for the vaccine. Were they offered it? Did they not receive it? Did they decline? What I thought would be my ticket to finally hug my dad is now just a sticker on my hospital ID badge. I’m vaccinated and he’s vaccinated, a no-brainer when it comes to getting things back to normal, or so I thought.

My reason for accepting the COVID-19 vaccination was simple… The reason this current vaccine needs to be deep frozen is due to the lack of preservatives. This is the main reason people avoid or fear vaccines in the first place. The fact that this vaccine had very little preservative and was specific to the disease at hand was the reason I was OK with it. For once, my gut feeling told me that this was OK. I trust my body and my immune system.

There are strong and heated arguments on both sides of the equation. I tend to stay as neutral as I can in order to listen and trust my gut instincts. Fear will never steer you to the right answer. I chose to take this vaccine as for once it is specific to an illness and not someone’s best guess. I will not fight anyone on this issue—in this beautiful thing called life, we are free to choose or decline, and I refuse to be guided by fear or popular vote.

I chose this vaccine in order to be able to hug my dad once again. He is the best hugger and I really need to see him again, and I fear his time is running out. I chose this vaccine so that I may be once again free to roam the world to see its beauty. 

Ask me if I will accept yearly boosters, and the answer will likely be “no.” As this virus mutates and disintegrates, it will soon be another crap shoot as to the effectiveness. This is where I trust my vitamin D3 level that is over 70, my healthy diet and lifestyle, and my love for life over fear. 


Catherine Stack is owner, facilitator, and Doctor of Naturopathy at Journey II Health. She specializes in colon health and bio-identical hormone replacement and is a practicing staff midwife at Millard Fillmore Suburban Hospital. Her books, Free Yourself from a CONSTIPATED Life and PUSH, Labor & Delivery from the Inside Out are available on Visit for more info.


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The hugs are the reason i got the vaccine. I miss my family and friends. I feel very alone. Hope this all changes soon. 😷

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