Sileno Minimo Lawnmower from Gardena

Warm weather has returned to Western New York and even as we transition to a post-vaccine pandemic, our lawns and gardens continue to offer distraction and pleasure. Innovative gadgets like robotic lawn mowers and automated weeding tools are putting the emphasis on pleasure, i.e. enjoying the greenery instead of simply maintaining it. Whether you’re an amateur green thumb who needs to get a better handle on soil moisture levels or an experienced botanist looking to improve your brilliant floral displays, you may benefit from the following tech offerings.

Gardeners searching for an environmentally friendly replacement to chemical weed killers will like the Hozelock Green Power Evolution Thermal Weeder, which eliminates weeds with heat instead of polluting herbicides. The handheld thermal weeder’s upright design has a heating unit that reaches 600 degrees Fahrenheit. A protective cone lets users isolate heat directly to small garden weeds or vegetation growing in driveway cracks. With an electric power cable that reaches ten feet, the Hozelock doubles as a grill lighter with its firelighter function. (

Maintaining proper soil moisture for plants with different needs is always a challenge, but XLUX Soil Moisture Meters offer minimally invasive soil probes that provide accurate dial readings of soil moisture across a ten-point scale from dry to wet. This moisture sensor works without batteries and provides readings instantly upon inserting the seven-inch probe into a garden bed. XLUX moisture sensors are reusable, although users are cautioned not to leave the probe in soil for more than one hour and to avoid rocky soils that might damage it. (; $12.99)

The GardenTags app for Android and iOS devices is for gardeners looking for inspiration and information about new plants that can thrive under local conditions. Users can upload pictures of their gardens for others to view or to send to one of the app’s expert community members for care advice. App tools also include a photographic journal to gauge plant growth over time and a plant care task manager that allows users to track tasks like watering and pruning for up to ten plants. (

Expert gardeners looking for encyclopedic horticultural knowledge can check out the SmartPlant app for Android and iOS devices. This app also boasts a community of gardening experts and users can upload photographs of unknown plants for identification, and even join the app’s premium community for £0.99 ($1.36 USD) per month to identify more than one plant per month. Basic users can upload information on their plants to obtain month-by-month care advice specific to each plant. (

A time lapse camera that records high-definition video frames memorializes the season’s first blooms in your garden. Brinno offers several models of waterproof time lapse cameras including the TLC 200 Pro, which offers a 1.3-megapixel resolution with a pixel size of 4.2 micrometers (µm) to capture clear images. The TLC 200 Pro can be set up to capture time lapse video over intervals up to twenty-four hours. While the camera is waterproof, it’s recommended that users purchase a compatible weather-resistant case if the camara will be subject to heavy rain or wind.  (


The Bosch Indego S 500 robotic lawnmower

As enjoyable as gardening can be, some things—like mowing—might always be a bore. The Bosch Indego S 500 robotic lawn mower uses LogiCut technology to both analyze the most efficient mowing path across a lawn as well as alternate mowing patterns to avoid unsightly tracks. The Indego S 500 is also outfitted with a mulching system for fertilizing a lawn with grass clippings, smart bump sensors to avoid lawn obstacles, and Border Cut technology to create sharp edges along the mowing area’s exterior. (



Smart Sensor from Gardena


Soil Moisture Sensor from Gardena

Homeowners looking for an all-inclusive smart lawn and garden care package might want to invest in Gardena Smart System Start Set. This all-in-one outdoor care kit from Gardena features the company’s Sileno city robotic lawnmower designed for use in urban lawn spaces up to 500 square meters (5,380 square feet), as well as a water control sensor for automating irrigation systems with simple installation onto a tap faucet, and soil sensors to monitor moisture levels throughout a lawn. Data from these battery-powered sensors, as well as recommendations for improving lawn and garden care, are available through the Gardena smart app for Android and iOS devices. (


The Tertill Weeding Robot is solar-powered.

The Tertill Weeding Robot is a solar-powered unit that traverses a garden, stopping over weeds and cutting them down with whacker strings operating beneath the unit. Tertill differentiates plants based on height, but also comes with plant and row guards that ensure young shoots stay safe while unwanted overgrowth is cleared. (

When the pruning and weeding is done, the Bosch AXT 25 D Garden Shredder can process 175 kilograms (kgs) of plant material per hour, turning it into either useful mulch or material that’s easily composted. The internal collection box can collect up to fifty-three liters (fourteen gallons) of material volume and the drum cutting system is powered by a 2,500-watt motor that can cut through branches up to forty millimeters (1.5 inches) thick. (


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