GALLERY: Buff State's Runway 6.0

This past Saturday, Buffalo State held its 6th annual runway event, showcasing student fashion designs from Buffalo State College as well as guest designers and graduate collections. This year, as a change of pace, Runway was held in the new student union at Buffalo State College, which included a beautiful VIP section sponsored by KC You There. As always, the whole event was fantastic. It was a chance to mingle with a creative, fashion-forward crowd, and most importantly, view the hard work and talent of the Buffalo State College fashion department. Not only is it a great Saturday night out, but also an amazing opportunity for the students and guest designers to win awards ranging from $250-$1,000, sponsored by Cotton Inc. As always, Runway was a juried show, including judges Brandon Davis of Block Club, local photographer Luke Copping, Gina Goss of New Era, Marla Coniglio of Eastman Machine, and Nancy Belflar, a textile and mixed media artist. Picking this year’s winners had to be tough with the talent that came down the runway.

"City Bits, City Bytes" was the theme, which was shown beautifully in the opening video. Images of city skylines played onto a white back drop and as the images faded and lights dimmed the white wall opened and there stood the first model of the first collection. Talk about drama—I got chills! The show moved fluidly and smoothly through each section, starting with Shantall Reid’s graduate collection, moving onto guest designers, then single item designs, and then onto student collections. The show included senior collections by Kristina Murray, Danielle Nieder, Kaitlin Russo and Lucile Ragot. The overall show gave the audience and jurors just enough time to pick out their favorite pieces and take in the creativity and aesthetic of each designer. 

There were a lot of highlights in this year’s collections. The fabrics Kaitlin Russo used for her lingerie designs were beautiful and romantic and left each model wearing sophisticated sensuality. rather than overt sexiness. Lucile Ragot’s collection was definitely one for the girly girls, and I couldn’t help but love the floral skirts and soft pinks found in each ensemble. Beautiful braids and undone hair were worn by each model, and complimented the overall collection flawlessly. Nisaa Azeem’s collection had a 20s feel. Just ahead of the release of The Great Gatsby, the resurgence of 20s flapper-style fashions speak of old time charm with a modern twist—and left me wanting to play dress up and do the Charleston with Leo.

Another great year at Runway was had, and thanks to producer, Buff State adjunct fashio professor, and Spree's Fashion Editor, Erin Habes, the whole event ran flawlessly and successfully. As one of my favorite events in the city, I can't wait to see what the talented students and staff have in store for next year. Be sure not to miss it!


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