The Sabres unveil another unimaginative jersey

So the Buffalo Sabres unveiled their "new" uniforms a few weeks ago. They look kind of, sort of (OK, almost exactly) like the original sweaters the team debuted with in 1970. So we've come full-circle.

Most importantly, the organization finally conceded that the banana slugs looked, er, silly, and mothballing them just might ease the flow of other NHL fans' snickering. Hey, the new (old?) duds might be Plain Jane, but at least they're dignified and mark the not-soon-enough return of the crossed swords. As far as those yellow snail threads, they'll be mercifully ushered into the history books, and when you see them ten years from now, you'll chortle, "Oh God, remember those ridiculous things?" the way we might say now with the "angry goat" clad in black, red, and gray. I don't know many fans who were completely sold on the 2006-2010 jerseys, but at least the Sabres got the colors right with those. Goodness, full circle has never left us so dizzy.

Is there an NHL franchise—or anywhere in pro sports, for that matter—as fickle with its logo and color scheme as this one? Goodness, they change outfits the way we change socks. Maybe it's a Class of '70 thing, since the Vancouver Canucks mirror their spastic brethren to the east in this respect. The Nucks have gone retro, too, only recently finding their way back to those true blue-and-green shades that got them through the seventies. Remember those god-awful, yellow-and-gold "V" jerseys from the eighties, then the blue-red-gray nineties versions used until a few seasons ago? I suppose the Canucks have made bigger fools of themselves with color-scheme/logo changes over the years, but Buffalo's a close second.

It was predictable to hear the positive reaction of fans to the third jersey, which is about as imaginative and compelling as the Transformers movies. (Sorry, Shia Laboeuf fans, but he's downright horrid, and his flagship films are possibly the biggest dreck ever forced down the collective gullet of moviegoers.) The organization wanted to pay homage to the minor league Bisons team that preceded the NHL's arrival here, and I get that. We all do. But they couldn't have done better than simply writing "BUFFALO" on a blue sweater? It's horrific. Let's hope it's just a temporary, 2010-11 thing, then we can pack them away with their homely 2006-10 cousins.

Fans going ga-ga over the thirdies are the same ones who can't get enough of the Bills' Bush League, blue-on-blue uniform scheme. Even Division III junior colleges must be sneering, "What the hell are those things?" I guess there's no end to most Buffalo sports fans' deep-seeded appetite for deep-fried gimmickry with a generous side of cheese. I guess I'm a traditionalist, just another loudmouth with a blog. What do you think about the "ahead to the past" Sabres jerseys? Do you hate the third jerseys as much as me? Do you hate Laboeuf as much as me? Is that even possible?

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