Humboldt Parkway from 1953

An image of Humboldt Parkway from 1953, before it was destroyed

In 1958, in order to order to create the Kensington Expressway, Buffalo began tearing up Humboldt Parkway, cutting down trees,  and demolishing homes. The new highway displaced families and divided neighborhoods—though many, given the time, saw this as necessary progress. That thinking has changed. Activist groups like the Restore Our Community Coalition have been advocating for the restoration of a green parkway and promenade between the historic Humboldt Parkway community and downtown, replacing this section of Route 33. It finally looks as though such a restoration is gaining official traction, with federal dollars anticipated for just this type of infrastructure improvement. Hopes are high; time will tell.

Elizabeth Licata is Editor-in-Chief of Buffalo Spree Magazine.

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