Catching up with Kimberly Miller Beaty


Have you learned anything surprising about your alma mater since you've started working there?

I've learned that Canisius is still a place of compassion, internally and externally driven for the care of people and their success. The staff, faculty, and student population inside the institute carry forth a personality that truly supports Jesuit values in line with care for the of the whole person and for others. Students at Canisius are still very goal-oriented and highly motivated toward achieving success. The Canisius learning landscape is still providing a solid foundation for career success by instilling values, integrity, and commitment. Personally, I have lived by those values formulated in my home and maintained at the college: be fair, respectful, kind, and giving. I have had the opportunity to look back on my life and was surprised to realize that everything that I've learned was garnered here, on this campus. Importantly, the true value of human equity is what matters. From the onset of my career in law enforcement to my highest level of service, I've relished honoring the true spirit of service when dealing with others from all walks of life. I have found pleasure in working in an environment filled with the true essence of humanity and camaraderie. My extended family at Canisius is truly for and with others. We have a campus community of trust and friendship. 


What's been your biggest challenge in this role so far?

I've had some challenges, mostly personal. However, Canisius has been so forgiving, supportive and accommodating. My mother passed away this past November. My biggest challenge was working and grieving through the heartache and sorrow. Everyone that I encountered during that time, personally and professionally, from my Buffalo Police family, my Canisius home, my True Bethel Baptist Church family have all been so kind. There are so many good people in the city of Buffalo. The hug was enormous. I appreciated the kindness and compassion shown to me and my family. Grieving, I needed space, time to heal, and peace. I have come to understand the discernment of peace of mind and peace of mind. 


Top three things students should know or do to stay safe on campus?

Not just students, but everyone should always think about the best decision to be safe at any point in time in their daily routines. Remember, "if you see something, say something" will always apply! As far as personally safety in any context, if you are out and about, remember that crimes occur when the opportunity arises. Target harden yourself. I always advise, be aware of your surroundings, pay attention to your environment, listen, and pay attention to the activity of others. Being forever present in the moment is a big one. Be confident and proactive in your safety efforts in order to react to anything. Travel light with your hands free. Sorry, That's more than three. 


Tell me your favorite thing you did on summer break.

This past summer, I became acclimated to a new environment and spent much needed time with my family, especially my daughter. I was able to relax, regroup, and rewire the hard-drive in my brain. I’m in a new phase of my life, when my life awareness is always high, where crime on a personal level now is always down. In higher education, summers really do come early. I plan to travel to warmer places over the winter breaks. 



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